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The presentation of Lego models has moved on a bit since this particular TLCB Writer started posting creations for the internet to see. Gone are the days when a white sheet and a desk lamp were all that was required to create satisfactory presentation, with high quality cameras, easy photo editing, and a host of custom accessories now available to enhance the visual impact of a model.

One way of making that impact is with custom lighting, both for MOCs and for official LEGO sets, and newcomers Game of Bricks have quickly established a vast range of LED lighting kits to service both official sets and home-built creations. We handed three boxes of their products over to our readers to let you know what they’re like. Over to them!

Light kit for Ford Mustang 10265 | Review by Andrea Lattanzio | Norton74

I must admit I’m not so much into lighting LEGO sets or MOCs, but when TLCB offered me this chance I was curious to test out one of the lighting sets from the Game of Bricks company. I requested the 10265 Creator Ford Mustang kit because it’s one of the few official sets I own and because it’s probably one of my favourite LEGO sets ever. Within a few days I received the pack with the lighting kit and soon I got to work fitted it on the Pony;

    1. Pack.  The Game of Bricks lighting kit comes in a very elegant black box. You probably won’t throw it away after installing the kit, as you can use it to store the smallest LEGO parts from your collection. Inside the black box another surprise, a plastic container (transparent) in which you’ll find the lighting kit neatly stored inside three little bags, a very well-finished pack.
    1. Building process. The Game of Bricks lighting kit for the 10265 set give you two kinds of kit, the ‘standard’ and the ‘advanced”’ I started with the standard version, fitting it to my Mustang set in about half an hour, and something more for the ‘advanced’ version. To install the kit there are video instructions to follow, which consist of a step-by-step video manual. It’s quite easy follow the steps although you do have to stop the video many times because it’s quite fast. To install the entire kit you have to disassemble few parts of the car as well as change a few parts for the new ones which have the Game of Bricks LEDs installed. It surprised me that the kit is all-in-one, the single lights are linked via the same wires, so you have to hide many wires through the bricks. Although the threads are very thin, it is not easy to hide them all completely within the bricks of the set, so in the end some pieces of cable will still be visible. You have to be very precise and patient, but you can do it and it is fun, and the ‘advanced’ kit does ask you to take apart more parts of the car than the ‘standard’ one. 
    1. Instructions. As above, the instructions are basically two step-by-step video manuals, one each for the ‘standard’ and ‘advanced’ versions. The steps are easy to follow and you can stop the video when necessary.
    1. Final result. Even if I personally prefer the 10265 Ford Mustang set as LEGO made it, the Game of Bricks lights are quite fascinating, especially for my kids and wife. I’m sure about this because both my kids and wife said ‘WOW!’ when I shown them the shining Mustang set at night!

Personally, I prefer the ‘standard’ version of LEGO’s 10265 set, both with and without the Game of Bricks kit. However there are two shades of light, warm and bluish and honestly I don’t know why, as I would have preferred everything with the warmer hue. Overall though it’s a good kit and if you are a lighting fan you must get your Game of Bricks set; you won’t be disappointed.

Town Street Lighting Kit (plus a few extras!) | Review by Anonymous via TLCB on Facebook

I bagged myself some Game of Bricks goodies via The Lego Car Blog’s Facebook page, not having heard of the brand before but intrigued to see what they had on offer. Plus who turns down free Lego stuff?!

I requested the Game of Bricks Street Lighting kit, as I don’t own many new Technic sets and I prefer to keep them original. However I do build LEGO City and the working street lights looked like they would make a cool addition to modular buildings.

A small black box arrived a few days later with ‘Game of Bricks’ embossed on the top. It’s pretty high quality packaging and to my surprise it contained not just the street lights I had requested to review, but light sabres and multiple ‘daisy chained’ 1×4 lighting bricks, each with a row of LEDs hidden inside them.

Street Lighting: Firstly the street lights. These are official LEGO parts with a tiny hole drilled into the base for a wire to run up the inside to the clear brick on top. These plug in to a standard USB socket whereupon they shine brightly automatically (there is no switch), and they look brilliant! The wires are incredibly thin so are easy-ish to hide under roadside bricks/pavements etc, and the originality of the lamp posts themselves (being official LEGO items) means they match any pre-existing non-lit lamp posts already placed within a scene. I’m not sure how easy it would be to power a whole street scene with multiple Game of Bricks kits, but It’s something I want to look into!

Extras: I also received some light-up mini-figure light sabres and 1×4 lighting bricks in the same box. I don’t have any Star Wars sets myself, but if you do the Game of Bricks LED sabres would be a great addition. What was of more interest to me were the 1×4 bricks. These were not official LEGO (they had ‘KY’ stamped onto the studs where you would normally expect it to say ‘LEGO’), and whilst the quality of the brick is definitely not as high as an official LEGO piece, it has got holes drilled through it, so better to sacrifice a non-LEGO part I guess!

These were very cool, as they could be placed inside buildings, for example, in shop windows or on ceilings, to create ambient lighting, and they look great. The difficulty is routing the wires out of the building in which you’ve mounted them (and ensuring a power source is near enough), but with the wires so thin it’s relatively easy to find a route for them.

Verdict: I was really pleased with the Game of Bricks street lighting kit. As the kit contains official LEGO pieces they blend seamlessly with those in your collection and really transform your town at night. The 1×4 bricks were a welcome surprise too. Whilst the quality of the brick itself is not a match for a genuine LEGO piece, as you’ll be hiding these out of sight it really doesn’t matter; they make a great addition to a street scene, adding a little of twinkly magic to your mini-figures going about their business! Recommended.

Warm 6 in 1 Lighting Kit & 5 LED Light Bricks | Review by TLCB Writer

Well you’re not getting my name readers, because as a member of TLCB Writing Team my identify is strictly secret! Still, I too received a little black box full of LEDs and wires and I’m here to tell you about them.

After our, er… middling review of the Game of Bricks 42078 Technic Mack Anthem kit last year, mostly down to a real struggle with the inaccuracy of the PDF instructions, we thought we’d try some kits that don’t require instructions at all, because these ones are made to be fitted to your own models.

Neatly packed inside a high quality Game of Bricks box were a string of 1×4 bricks connected together by wire so thin it could have been used to make bats fly in an early Dracula movie. Despite concerns over fragility this is a good thing, as it allows the wire to pass in-between the gaps between bricks, even those that are placed next to or on top of one another. It does force the parts apart slightly, but only slightly.

The Game of Bricks lights are mounted within non-LEGO parts that are a reasonable match for official bricks. Clutch power is a little variable when compared to LEGO’s precision but is good enough for most applications, and we could see these kits adding some real sparkle to creations, from The Fast and The Furious style under-lighting to ambient interior lights. Builders will have to plan for a battery box to be mounted somewhere of course, but if a model is large enough to benefit from LED lighting it’s probably big enough to hide a battery box too.

We also received some funky multi-coloured 2×3 light bricks, each with a tiny battery inside and a little switch too. These are a very cool idea, as they don’t need wires at all, can be placed within a build, and – thanks to the world’s smallest screw –  the batteries are replaceable too.

Perhaps for the more ‘professional’ Lego builder these multi-coloured bricks are not particularly useful, as the brick does of course have to be showing to let its light out. However for kids, who’d like to cast a yellow, pink, or blue hue over their creations, we think they’d go down a treat! Our only issue was with quality, where one light switch won’t stay on (it springs back to ‘off’) and one is a bit stiff, which may frustrate a younger builder. However, these niggles aside – and for just £6 – they’re worth a shot.

Thanks to Game of Bricks for generously dispatching a whole range of LED lighting kits for us and our readers to test. Their range is huge and expanding all the time, so whether you’d like to light up an official LEGO set or add some realism to your own creation they probably have a kit for you. Check them out the complete Game of Bricks lighting kit range via the link below!

Visit Game of Bricks here

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