We don’t think the previous management of BrickNerd thought much of us here at TLCB. And they’d be right not to, because we’re idiots.

However despite us not being with the ‘in’ crowd of famous Lego-y types, we did rather like BrickNerd’s little mascot Nerdly, contrasting with our utter hatred of that bloody lemur over at The Brothers Brick.

Now under new management, BrickNerd’s bespectacled brick Nerdly is popping up all over the place, including here, mounted to the front of Martin Harris‘ ‘Space City Cruiser’.

We’ve thought about doing something similar to a number of our Elves over the years, although that particular plan involved the front of a bin lorry, but so far we’ve refrained. So far…

Whilst this TLCB Writer dreams of tying Elves to bin lorries you can see more of Martin’s ‘Nerdly Strikes Back!’ at his photostream via the link above.

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