The Weekly Shop

The weekly shop is probably the most mundane task there is. Pushing a trolley along the aisles whilst store radio echos out above your head, wondering why they’ve moved the bloody orange juice. Again.

Capturing this wearisome event is recent bloggee Nikolaus Löwe, whose shopping trolley (which is a vehicle people) could only more monotonous if it were outside empty in a line of other empty shopping trollies.

As it is, Nikolaus’ entry for BrickNerd and TLCB’s Festival of Mundanity competition is wonderfully uninteresting, with even the shopping within it managing to convey utter tedium, whilst the dangly coin-lock thingy ensures you can’t have any fun even if you wanted to. Not without losing your £1 coin anyway.

There’s more to see of Nikolaus’ glorious Festival of Mundanity entry via the link above, and if you fancy entering your own boring build you can do so via the newly opened Flickr group. You might even win yourself some awesome prizes.

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