Bar & Grill

Giant grilles and light bars; the default styling ‘signatures’ of every new car launched today. Of course if every car has them then they’re not signatures at all.

Lexus have adopted these styling defaults as much as anyone, but – to TLCB at least – Lexus’ efforts do look rather good. Especially when compared to certain other premium car makers

Adopting both the giant grille and light bar is the recently refreshed Lexus IS, which has been recreated brilliantly here by Flickr’s SP_LINEUP. The ingenious building techniques probably mean SP’s model isn’t quite as robustly made as the real thing, but you can’t argue with the visual accuracy.

There’s more to see of SP’s giant grille and light bar (and the Lexus IS F-Sport they’re attached to) at his photostream via the link.

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