The Worst Day of the Year

Black Friday

The annual day of ‘discounts’ (in actuality only mass marketing) is once again here to inflict greed, violence and wasteful consumerism on the soulless masses.

As is customary, here at The Lego Car Blog we will not be taking part in the day of materialist misery (which now stretches to a week or more) that leaves one in four Americans in debt, whilst surpassing the annual GDP of around half the world’s countries (and that’s just the spend within the U.S and our home nation).

Therefore you won’t find a round-up of the best Black Friday brick-based ‘discounts’ here, but we do have some alternatives that will help you to preserve your soul, and perhaps add something back to counter a day that is built around taking.

Creations for Charity – Buy an amazing one-of-a-kind Lego creation, with all proceeds used to buy LEGO sets for children in need. If you’ve ever commented “Is this for Sale?” on a post here at The Lego Car Blog, maybe it is!

Unicef Market – The United Nations Childrens Fund, providing developmental and humanitarian aid to children worldwide. Buying your Christmas gifts here will help to save and transform some of the youngest lives in the world’s poorest nations.

Red CrossTearfundChristian Aid – Fantastic charities working every day to alleviate poverty, suffering, and injustice.

Finally, the revenue generated via the advertisements that appear on this site (even the Black Friday ones) is also used to help those who need it more than we do. If you like the look of an ad, give it a click, and if you like what we do here at TLCB, then please consider sharing us. The more eyeballs the ads get, the more we can give : )

Thank you

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