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Stihl Posting…


How did you spend your Bank Holiday Monday?

Here at The Lego Car Blog Towers, some of the Elves returned from the Flickr account of František Hajdekr, hoping to collect an orange Smartie (they’re the best sort). This MOC does feature a working, Technic, single-cylinder engine but it’s not a vehicle of any kind and so we were unable to blog it. No Smarties we awarded.

The enraged Elves then ran amok, demonstrating the Brush Cutter’s working features on their terrified colleagues. Eventually the miscreants were blasted into the Elf cage by Mr. Airhorn and disarmed. Fortunately, we discovered that you can glue Elves back together with Pritt Stick and so the editorial team spent our Bank Holiday gluing our workforce back together. Now that they’re all back in one piece*, the Elves are once more ready to scour the internet for the best vehicular Lego creations. That is until they’re eaten by a small dog or smushed by a Power Functions dumper truck…

*We had 3 right arms leftover and have put them in the filing cabinet as spares.