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Jeremy Clarks-gone

Lego Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson

The news today that the BBC have taken the decision not to renew Jeremy Clarkson’s contract, and that Top Gear – at least as we know it – is no more, has meant that our Elvish workforce are currently inconsolably sad.

Whilst extreme violence towards colleagues is an almost hourly occurrence here at TLCB Towers, this particular blogger thinks there really could only be one outcome to Jeremy’s moronic outburst. Much as we love the show, it’s probably time to move on – Top Gear existed long before Clarkson, Hammond and May, and it’ll hopefully exist long after them too.

But sadly the news of Jeremy’s axing from the BBC does mean that our Elves are likely to be incredibly mopey for a bit, and that we’re going to be a little more reliant upon you – our readers – for good blog-worthy content.

If you’d like to suggest a creation that should feature here at The Lego Car Blog you can do so by commenting on the Feedback and Submission Suggestions page, or if you have a Flickr account by sending us a Flickr Mail. If you’re feeling especially productive you may even get to write a post yourself – just let us know in your comment that you’d like to give guest blogging a go and we’ll arrange for you to be able to submit your content.

In the meantime you can join our Elves in mourning by clicking here and here to read our Top Gear related posts from times past, including the great recreation of Jeremy, Richard, James and the Stig by Flickr’s Ralph Savelsberg shown above.