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Room 237

Lego Tricycle

Tricycles are easily the creepiest form of transport known to mankind. But that hasn’t stopped Eurobricks’ Milan from building one (rather spectacularly) from Lego. Now to find an empty hotel to ride it in…

All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy, All Work And N…

Lego Tricycle


OK, it’s not a Big Wheel, but this twice life-size tricycle by certified LEGO Professional Sean Kenney sure has a ‘Shining’ air to it.

Or it might just be that Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic masterpiece is so powerful that any red trike immediately conjures up images of elevators full of with blood, partying ghosts and madmen with axes. See more of this totally harmless tricycle (probably) at Sean’s MOCpage via the link above.