It’s the Rozzers!

Police Ford Focus

Striking fear to hearts of BMX-riding scallies

The Mad Physicist over on Flickr has created this fantastic model of one of the most common sights on UK roads; the humble Ford Focus in a day-glow paint-job. We also think he’s managed the ‘full house’ of brick orientation, with studs pointing in all 6 possible directions!

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3 thoughts on “It’s the Rozzers!

  1. szabi says:

    Great creation,but i think Ralph has got much better cars in his garage.
    ..F40..Porsche 935…hmm…EPIC!


  2. Madman Lt. Sorrows says:

    Ello ello. Whats goin on ere then? Awesome build


  3. […] results are that America gets down-sized turbo engines and the Focus and Fiesta from Europe (a Good Thing), and here in Europe we get the South American Ecosport […]


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