Russian Arms

Surface to Air Missle Launcher

SA-4 / 2K11 Krug Surface-to-Air Missile Launcher

And now for a more serious post. This incredible MOC is a Cold War era Russian 2K11 Krug Surface-to-Air missile launcher, built by D-Town Cracka on Flickr. We’ll let you form your own opinion on its brilliance and instead use this space to highlight the current plight of Syrian Refugees, fleeing to the Turkish border from the brutal crackdown of a tyrant.

The stories from the refugee camps in Iraq and Turkey include tales of brutality, shootings and land mines, and from our own press, the news that Syria is using its Russian-supplied arms against a Turkish border that’s providing shelter for over 30,000 refugees, including the shooting of a Turkish F4 Phantom by a Russian Surface-to-Air missile system.

If you want to find out more, read the Human Rights Watch report*, and/or to donate, visit the Red Cross Syria Crisis Appeal.

*Reader caution advised

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