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Tan Parade

In recent years most military vehicles – such as these these American ‘Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected’ (MRAP) light tactical vehicles – seem to be painted tan, what with all the oil being in the desert. Er, we mean the ‘complicated political nature of the Middle East’, or something.

Of course a certain minimally-endowed despot has changed the landscape somewhat, bringing war back to the greeny-brown lands of Europe, and we suspect many national militaries will be re-painting a proportion of their equipment accordingly, even if they have no intention of joining in.

However the ’90s-2010s will be remembered, in a military context at least, for desert-based conflicts, and the tan-coloured vehicles that operated in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other sandy locales.

Cue Robson M (aka BrickDesigners), and these excellent Middle-East spec MRAPs, armoured trucks, and personnel carriers. Each captures its real-world equivalent brilliantly, helped by custom decals and weaponry, and there’s more to see of all of Robson’s desert warfare vehicles on Flickr via the link.

Sukhoi Su-35

Lego Sukhoi Su-35

This superb recreation of Russia’s Sukhoi Su-35 fighter, exquisitely detailed in an usual tundra-camouflage, is the work of previous bloggee Lennart C of Flickr.

The real Su-35 is currently in operation over Syria, where it’ll be wearing an altogether more drab paint job to blend in with the desert beneath it, and unfortunately it’s not exactly been hitting purely military targets.

Russia’s offensive against the dick-bags in Islamic State (a good thing) is sadly masking a greater politicised conflict, and one in which civilians and rebels – themselves fighting ISIS – are dying daily at the hands of Russian airstrikes and President Assad’s trigger-happy forces.

To see how you can help those trapped in the conflict click this link to the UN Refugee Agency’s Syrian Crisis Appeal, and for more details on this magnificent but sobering recreation of one of the causes click the link above to visit Lennart C’s photostream.

Lego Su-35 Fighter

Over Syrian Skies

Lego Dassault Mirage IV-P

Our Elves are getting lazy. Five builds from two builders in two days… but we guess we can’t blame them for builders uploading their wares in batches. And we like beating the Brothers Brick, so they know we’re going to blog their finds! Previously blogged Kenneth Vaessen returns just a day after we featured his spectacular Panavia Tornado with two more beautiful builds. Apparently good weather in his home country means now is the time to take photos!

First up (above) is this glorious Dassault Mirage IV-P, as used as a fighter-bomber by the French Air Force since the late 1960s as part of France’s nuclear deterrent. Its opposing foe during the cold war is pictured below, Russia’s (at the time) formidable Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23M. Both these aircraft have since been superseded by their descendants, and are in action in the skies over a very messy Middle East, with France strategically targeting the scumbags in Islamic State, and Russia seemingly targeting anyone who isn’t President Assad.

The are lots more stunning images available at Kenneth’s Flickr photostream – click the links above to be taken to the gallery for each model.

Lego Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23M

To Boldly Go

Lego USS EnterpriseThis magnificent micro-scale USS Enterprise CVN-65 is the work of Locutus aka primanota82 and was suggested to us via the Feedback page. As well as being the most nerdy spaceship ever, the USS Enterprise was the first nuclear powered warship and is still the longest ship in the US Navy. Commissioned in the 1960s the Enterprise was retired last year to be replaced by the Nimitz-Class carriers, currently readying for the assault on Syria. Locutus’ 1/350 scale version comes complete with a variety of miniature aircraft, including Phantoms, Tomcats and Corsairs. Identify them all via the links above.

Military Monday

Following last week’s Mech Monday we’ve continued the alliterative theme with today’s post. It’s also a little heavier in tone than normal, but occasionally we like to shine a light where we can. If it’s not your bag then please skip this text and normal service will be resumed shortly!

Lego P61 & T72 Tank

First up is Mad Physicist’s P-61 ‘Black Widow’ diorama, complete with Willis Jeep and refuelling tanker. The Northrop P-61 was the first aircraft specifically designed to use radar, intercepting enemy aircraft at night and allowing Allied fighters to do their stuff. Used in the Pacific in response to the atrocities committed by Japan (the Nazi’s murdered 26 million people during World War 2, Japan – often forgotten – murdered 30 million) it proved effective, being used right up until the Japanese surrender. At which point the U.S undid all their good work and granted immunity to those responsible for torture, rape, and biological and chemical weapons testing (on civilians) in return for the ‘research’ data. Yay America.

Which brings us onto the second of today’s posts, a superb Soviet T-72 AV tank by Chris L. Sold by Russia to various dubious regimes, the T-72 is currently in action in Syria, the Government of which is using chemical weapons against its own people. Syria largely buys its weapons from Russia, which developed its chemical weapons during the Cold War in response to the U.S. And as we know, the U.S got much of its chemical and biological weapons research via the immunity granted to Japan upon surrender. So there we have it; two models, 40 years apart, from rival superpowers, linked by mankind’s propensity for destruction.

Sometimes when we see a great military Lego creation it’s worth stopping to remind ourselves why they exist in the first place.

Red Cross, Med Air, Christian Aid


Lego ZSU-23-4V1This mean looking device, built by D-Town Cracka on Flickr, is a Self Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun, or SPAAG for short. This one is a ZSU-23-4V1 made by the Soviets from 1962, and used in a variety of conflicts since.

Due to its light armour the ZSU-23 was vulnerable to anti-tank and machine guns, and as such was usually placed well behind the front line. However, it was very good at shooting things that weren’t strictly aircraft, and thus it was often deployed to urban environments in places like Syria.

News today from the region indicates further massacres of the Syrian people by their own Government. With Syrians fleeing their homes into Turkey, Iraq and other neighbouring countries the refugee crisis is growing daily. Find out more about the crisis, and what you can do to help, via the UN Refugee Agency.

Russian Arms

Surface to Air Missle Launcher

SA-4 / 2K11 Krug Surface-to-Air Missile Launcher

And now for a more serious post. This incredible MOC is a Cold War era Russian 2K11 Krug Surface-to-Air missile launcher, built by D-Town Cracka on Flickr. We’ll let you form your own opinion on its brilliance and instead use this space to highlight the current plight of Syrian Refugees, fleeing to the Turkish border from the brutal crackdown of a tyrant.

The stories from the refugee camps in Iraq and Turkey include tales of brutality, shootings and land mines, and from our own press, the news that Syria is using its Russian-supplied arms against a Turkish border that’s providing shelter for over 30,000 refugees, including the shooting of a Turkish F4 Phantom by a Russian Surface-to-Air missile system.

If you want to find out more, read the Human Rights Watch report*, and/or to donate, visit the Red Cross Syria Crisis Appeal.

*Reader caution advised