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Lego UN Mil Mi-26 Helicopter

This is the Mil Mi-26 heavy transport helicopter, the most powerful series production helicopter in the world. Built for the previously publicised ‘Brickman Awesome‘ show, Certified LEGO Professional Ryan McNaught (aka The Brickman) and his team spent 52 hours and 8,302 bricks in the construction of the Mi-26.

Completed in UN-livery, Ryan’s build includes opening clamshell cargo doors and a roller conveyer to enable cargo to be parachuted to the ground, meaning his recreation of the mighty Russian helicopter is depicted doing something that its real-world counterpart – being part of the most ineffectual organisation on earth – probably never will. Prove us wrong United Nations…

Anyhoo, there’s more to see of Ryan’s amazing Mil Mi-26 at his Flickr photostream via the link above, and you can see more of Ryan’s models built for the Brickman Awesome show by clicking here.

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And Now for Something Completely Different

Lego UN Mech

The UN, more used to arguing in a big room and then agreeing to do absolutely nothing, or tooling about in white SUVs, is about to become a lot more badass. Marco Marozzi is the man responsible for this injection of  badassery with his, er… whatever this is, and there’s more to see of UN-livereied mech on Flickr at the link above.

It wouldn’t be a sci-fi post about which we know absolutely nothing without a link to something silly…

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Lego ZSU-23-4V1This mean looking device, built by D-Town Cracka on Flickr, is a Self Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun, or SPAAG for short. This one is a ZSU-23-4V1 made by the Soviets from 1962, and used in a variety of conflicts since.

Due to its light armour the ZSU-23 was vulnerable to anti-tank and machine guns, and as such was usually placed well behind the front line. However, it was very good at shooting things that weren’t strictly aircraft, and thus it was often deployed to urban environments in places like Syria.

News today from the region indicates further massacres of the Syrian people by their own Government. With Syrians fleeing their homes into Turkey, Iraq and other neighbouring countries the refugee crisis is growing daily. Find out more about the crisis, and what you can do to help, via the UN Refugee Agency.

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