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To Boldly… Oh

We thought this was that famous spaceship from Star Trek, but – as with almost anything we think we know about sci-fi – we were wrong. No matter, because the ‘USS Goldsmith’ (which might still be from Start Trek, we’re not sure…) by Flickr’s Tim Goddard is an excellent build, with the overlapping plates forming the, er… round bit, as confusing to us as the whole Star Trek franchise. Beautiful presentation matches the build quality and there’s more to see of The-Maybe-Star-Trek-USS-Goldsmith at Tim’s photostream. Click the link to Boldly Go. Probably.

Spock? Hey, do the Thing!

Did we feature this model just so we could link to an amusing Futurama-based anecdote? Yes, yes we did, but ignore our stupidity, because this is a great build.

Suggested by a reader, previous bloggee mihao (aka lego_bee) has recreated Aston Martin’s wild track-only Vulcan in Technic form, outfitting his model with the complete array of ‘Technic Supercar’ functions, including a V8 engine, 3-speed gearbox, all-wheel suspension, working steering, and opening doors and hood.

There’s more of mihao’s Vulcan to see at Bricksafe and Eurobricks, where a video of the model’s features and link to building instructions can also be found. Live long and prosper.

To Boldly Go

Lego Star Trek Galileo

We really don’t understand the appeal of Start Trek. From our limited knowledge of the show we have determined that it was mostly William Shatner visiting a variety of alien planets, whose principal characteristic seemed to be being shoddily constructed from cardboard, in order to pick up hot alien babes. Oh, now we get it.

Countless nerds loved Star Trek for the aforementioned reasons, and this mini-figure scale recreation of the U.S.S. Enterprise’s ‘Galileo’ shuttle will enable mini-figure Captain Kirk to leave the confines of his ship in order to boldly go where no man has gone before.*

It’s been built by Stephan Niehoff who has done a rather impressive job, fitting his Galileo shuttle with a full interior and even building a suitably ropey-looking planet – complete with hot alien babe – on which to land it. There’s more to see at Stephan’s Flickr album, where you can watch Captain Kirk’s Art of Seduction in action.

Lego Star Trek Galileo

*In exact contrast to this TLCB writer and your Mom.

Still Not a Car

Klingon Bird of Prey

Time to feature another ship on TLCB, only this time it’s of the space-going variety. Birds of Prey usually strike fear into the hearts of TLCB Elves as they roam the highways and byways, searching for Lego models. Quite a few of our workforce have become tasty* snacks for kestrels and buzzards over the years.

This classic Klingon warship has been built by Kevin J. Walter over a period of 8 years from virtual model to real bricks. It features some impressive and unusual design and detailing which should be interesting to builders of all sorts of Lego MOCs. Click the link in text to zoom into the details on Flickr. Now, can we find something with wheels on to blog in 2017?

Klingon Bird of Prey

*Possibly quite chocolaty, given the Elves’ diet of Smarties.

Mr. Spock

Lego Motorbike Kawasaki Vulcan Niether we nor the Elves like Star Trek (there are no cars in it). Accordingly we know virtually nothing about it other than there was an amusingly Scottish bloke called – imaginatively – Scotty, and another bloke with pointy ears who was a Vulcan, whatever one of those is. So, armed with this singular fact and a Kawasaki Vulcan motorbike by LegoMarat, we came up with the title above.

Since we’ve now exhausted our knowledge of sci-fi shows we’ll move on to the bike, which is so brilliant we weren’t sure it was Lego at first. But it is, coming complete with chromed wheels and shocks, a beautifully detailed engine, and probably the best handlebars ever made from Lego. Check it out on Flickr via the link above, and you can read TLCB’s other articles featuring LegoMarat’s work via the search function at the bottom of the page.

To Boldly Go

Lego USS EnterpriseThis magnificent micro-scale USS Enterprise CVN-65 is the work of Locutus aka primanota82 and was suggested to us via the Feedback page. As well as being the most nerdy spaceship ever, the USS Enterprise was the first nuclear powered warship and is still the longest ship in the US Navy. Commissioned in the 1960s the Enterprise was retired last year to be replaced by the Nimitz-Class carriers, currently readying for the assault on Syria. Locutus’ 1/350 scale version comes complete with a variety of miniature aircraft, including Phantoms, Tomcats and Corsairs. Identify them all via the links above.