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IDisplayIt LEGO Display Case | Review

Here at The Lego Car Blog, we – somewhat unsurprisingly – love LEGO cars. And trucks. And motorbikes. Which means we own rather a lot of them.

It also means that the LEGO fans foe – dust – plagues TLCB Team, with our sets and creations all gradually turning grey unless we get a paintbrush out or the bristly attachment thingy on the vacuum-cleaner.

However even then our LEGO models still face a grave peril, what with there apparently being “a ridiculous number” of them, and further partner complaints such as “Our living room is not looking like a toy shop”. But that’s not our fault. LEGO models take up loads of space. Or do they?…

Cue Official LEGO Affiliate IDisplayIt, and their huge range of LEGO display cases. Constructed from 3mm clear acrylic, IDisplayIt’s cases are strong, beautifully machined, and – best of all – stackable, allowing models can be placed on top of one another so that you have space for even more! er, we mean they’re less likely to annoy long-suffering partners.

IDisplayIt sent us two of their cases to review, the Display Case for the LEGO 10295 Porsche 911 (which is also the perfect size for several other sets), and a copy of their Display Case for the LEGO 10321 Corvette, complete with a period-appropriate pre-applied vinyl background.

Each case arrived flat-packed in a well-protected envelope, and – as per rivals BOXXCO – with all six sides covered in a protective film which is immensely satisfying to peel off. Unlike the previously reviewed BOXXCO offering though, iDisplayIt’s design uses twistable plastic connectors to join the sides together, instead of machined aluminium blocks.

Whilst we appreciated the engineering of those metal cubes, iDisplayIt’s method offers a number of advantages, with the connectors being less visible (matching the transparency of the case panels), requiring no tools (an allen key is provided), and taking mere minutes to construct with half the number of screws. Seriously, we spent longer removing the protective film. Although we did really enjoy that.

IDisplayIt’s cases are also beautifully engineered, with a superbly printed background in the case of the Corvette, and with tolerances that LEGO themselves would be proud of. The result is that IDisplayIt’s cases make the LEGO models within them look absolutely fantastic, so much so – and we don’t give such scores away lightly – that they earn the maximum TLCB rating. Yes, they really are that good.

Order in the next few days (if you’re reading this at the time of publication) and IDisplayIt will guarantee Christmas delivery, or if you’re reading this a little later they’ll do their best (just let them know).

You can check out the full range of IDisplayIt’s LEGO Display Cases via the region-specific links below. We recommend you do.

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My Other Car’s a Camaro

Are you a fan of the LEGO Icons 1034 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, but don’t have a handlebar mustache and spend your nights chucking dice in an alley? Then why not rebuild your Camaro set into something altogether different?

Cue Nathanael Kruipers‘ stunning Pontiac Firebird, constructed entirely from the pieces found within the 10304 Camaro set, yet rebuilding the set to create a car driven by… OK, exactly the same stereotype.

Still, the Camaro and Firebird were the same cars underneath, so perhaps that’s not surprising, and it makes creating the Firebird from the Camaro rather appropriate.

Building instructions are available and there’s much more of Nathanael’s brilliant 10304 alternate to see at his photostream. Click the link above to join him in the alley.

LEGO Icons 10321 Corvette | Set Preview

LEGO’s fantastic officially-licensed momentum continues… this is the brand new 1,210-piece LEGO Icons 10321 Corvette!

Interestingly forgoing ‘Chevrolet’ in the set title, the 10321 Corvette brings the second generation of Chevrolet’s iconic fibreglass sports car to the Icons (previously ‘Creator Expert’) range.

It’s a fine choice too, as – like the Ford Mustang – any generation of Corvette after the ’70s has more than a hint of ‘douchbag’ about it. Not so the ‘60s Corvettes however, which are perhaps the classiest – and most beautiful – American cars of all time.

The Icons 10321 Corvette set captures the early ’60s aesthetic of the real car beautifully, with a red-over-white colour-scheme, kinda whitewall tyres (via white rims behind grey caps), three sets of license plates, and a gorgeous curved windshield that is repeated at the rear on the hardtop version. Details are brick-built for the most part, with only a few well chosen badging decals enhancing the realism.

A convertible can also be constructed, with both versions featuring working tie-rod steering, opening hood, doors and trunk, and a detailed engine and interior.

The new Icons 10321 Corvette set will reach stores in August of ’23, costing around $150/£130 and aimed at ages 18+. Don’t worry if you’re not in LEGO’s ‘adult’ target demographic though – it’s a marketing ploy only, designed to make it more acceptable for Dad to bring one home claiming – as LEGO do – that it’s a “Mindful project for adults”.

Which this Dad is absolutely going to do. For his mindfulness obviously.

Icons 10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90 | Set Preview

Land Rover may have released a new Defender, as have LEGO with the officially-licensed 42110 Technic version, but this is the Defender we want! Yes, LEGO have finally created a ‘classic’ Land Rover Defender set, and doesn’t it look good? This is the brand new 10317 Icons Land Rover Classic Defender 90.

Of course the real car isn’t called ‘classic’ anywhere in its title, but we suppose both LEGO and Land Rover are keen to remind us that there is indeed another Defender on the market. Replicating the short wheel-base ’90’ hardtop, 10317 does wear Land Rover’s marvellous heritage green colour (as re-used on the final run of ‘classic’ Defenders) superbly though, with a good proportion of the set’s colossal 2,336 pieces in the hue, including the wheels and the new wheel-arch parts similar to those that first debuted on the ‘other’ Defender set some four years ago.

Working steering and suspension, opening doors and hood, and a really beautifully detailed engine account for some of that chunky parts count, as does a degree of customisability, because – as per the recent 10304 Chevrolet Camaro, 10300 ‘Back to the Future’ Time Machine, and 10265 Ford Mustang sets – 10317 can be built in a number of configurations.

Two different engines and three different hoods can be constructed, but the bulk of those extra parts are there should you wish to build your Defender to look like every single one in London; with a huge array of totally unused off-road accessories. These include an uprated front bumper with a working winch, side rails, jerrycans, a toolbox and jack, a shovel, pickaxe, hammer and axe, fire extinguisher, roof cage, snorkel and traction plates.

Of course any real Land Rover Defender driver wouldn’t be within 100 miles of those items – with their vehicle instead carrying a flask of tea, a roll of duct-tape, and a sheep – but you can always build these at home for true Defender authenticity.

The new LEGO Icons 10317 Land Rover ‘Classic’ Defender 90 will reach stores in April of this year, is expected to cost around $240 / €240 / £210, and we’re in the queue. We’re already working on our brick-built sheep.

Icons 10304 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 | Set Preview

There’s a new name for the Creator Expert line, and it’s shifted gear a bit!

This is the brand new LEGO ‘Icons’ 10304 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, following the 10298 Vespa 125 revealed earlier this year. And if that set represented the default vehicular choice of pretty Italian girls, this one is more ‘shady-looking character with a handlebar moustache, chewing a toothpick and throwing dice in an alley’. The Icons range is nothing if not diverse!

Aimed at ages 18+ (or rather, the marketing is…), 10304 is constructed from nearly 1,500 pieces and brings the famous 1969 American muscle car into the LEGO’s burgeoning real-world vehicle line-up.

Like the recent 10295 Porsche 911 Turbo set, 10304 adopts a multiple-options approach, with no less than three stripe colour options, coupe or convertible body-styles, and hidden or exposed headlights, neatly matching the variants available on the real Camaro Z28 when it was new over fifty years ago.

Further features include working steering, opening doors, hood and trunk, a detailed V8 engine, and authentic decals for a dose of added realism.

The new Icons 10304 Chevrolet Camaro set is expected to cost around $170 / £150 when it reaches stores in August of this year, giving you plenty of time to grow a suitable handlebar moustache and practice your toothpick chewing in readiness.