Mr. Spock

Lego Motorbike Kawasaki Vulcan Niether we nor the Elves like Star Trek (there are no cars in it). Accordingly we know virtually nothing about it other than there was an amusingly Scottish bloke called – imaginatively – Scotty, and another bloke with pointy ears who was a Vulcan, whatever one of those is. So, armed with this singular fact and a Kawasaki Vulcan motorbike by LegoMarat, we came up with the title above.

Since we’ve now exhausted our knowledge of sci-fi shows we’ll move on to the bike, which is so brilliant we weren’t sure it was Lego at first. But it is, coming complete with chromed wheels and shocks, a beautifully detailed engine, and probably the best handlebars ever made from Lego. Check it out on Flickr via the link above, and you can read TLCB’s other articles featuring LegoMarat’s work via the search function at the bottom of the page.

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