Military Monday

Following last week’s Mech Monday we’ve continued the alliterative theme with today’s post. It’s also a little heavier in tone than normal, but occasionally we like to shine a light where we can. If it’s not your bag then please skip this text and normal service will be resumed shortly!

Lego P61 & T72 Tank

First up is Mad Physicist’s P-61 ‘Black Widow’ diorama, complete with Willis Jeep and refuelling tanker. The Northrop P-61 was the first aircraft specifically designed to use radar, intercepting enemy aircraft at night and allowing Allied fighters to do their stuff. Used in the Pacific in response to the atrocities committed by Japan (the Nazi’s murdered 26 million people during World War 2, Japan – often forgotten – murdered 30 million) it proved effective, being used right up until the Japanese surrender. At which point the U.S undid all their good work and granted immunity to those responsible for torture, rape, and biological and chemical weapons testing (on civilians) in return for the ‘research’ data. Yay America.

Which brings us onto the second of today’s posts, a superb Soviet T-72 AV tank by Chris L. Sold by Russia to various dubious regimes, the T-72 is currently in action in Syria, the Government of which is using chemical weapons against its own people. Syria largely buys its weapons from Russia, which developed its chemical weapons during the Cold War in response to the U.S. And as we know, the U.S got much of its chemical and biological weapons research via the immunity granted to Japan upon surrender. So there we have it; two models, 40 years apart, from rival superpowers, linked by mankind’s propensity for destruction.

Sometimes when we see a great military Lego creation it’s worth stopping to remind ourselves why they exist in the first place.

Red Cross, Med Air, Christian Aid

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