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Over Syrian Skies

Lego Dassault Mirage IV-P

Our Elves are getting lazy. Five builds from two builders in two days… but we guess we can’t blame them for builders uploading their wares in batches. And we like beating the Brothers Brick, so they know we’re going to blog their finds! Previously blogged Kenneth Vaessen returns just a day after we featured his spectacular Panavia Tornado with two more beautiful builds. Apparently good weather in his home country means now is the time to take photos!

First up (above) is this glorious Dassault Mirage IV-P, as used as a fighter-bomber by the French Air Force since the late 1960s as part of France’s nuclear deterrent. Its opposing foe during the cold war is pictured below, Russia’s (at the time) formidable Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23M. Both these aircraft have since been superseded by their descendants, and are in action in the skies over a very messy Middle East, with France strategically targeting the scumbags in Islamic State, and Russia seemingly targeting anyone who isn’t President Assad.

The are lots more stunning images available at Kenneth’s Flickr photostream – click the links above to be taken to the gallery for each model.

Lego Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23M

French Fancy

Lego Citroen CX

After a decade making rubbish France’s three manufacturers of mass-produced cars have finally re-discovered their joy de vivre. Perhaps none more so than Citroen, who after years of automotive drivel now have a cracking range of cars on the way following the recently released and thoroughly excellent C4 Cactus.

Today’s find takes us back to the last time France made interesting cars, being a glorious 1970s CX. Built by serial bloggee Ralph Savelsberg it captures the CX’s streamlined shape beautifully and features opening hood, doors and trunk. See more of Ralph’s classic Citroen at his photostream via the link above. Vive La France!

Lego Citroen CX


French Knickers

Lego peugeot 403

Peugeot have – at last – got their act together and started to make cars that we wouldn’t mind owning again. After the horrible 2000s (307 anyone?) we’d pretty much given up hope for the French brand, but currently things are looking up, and we wish them all the best.

We quite like Peugeot because, despite the awfulness of the last 15 years, they do actually have a back-catalogue of some rather desirable (and even reliable) cars. One such model was this; the pretty 403 cabriolet, one of the nicest topless models to come out of France since Brigitte Bardot. This Town-scale version was built by Flickr’s mijasper, and you can see more of it via the link above.

Weird Wheels

bike 01

Just when you thought that you’d seen all of the possible ways to build a wheel from LEGO, along comes F@bz. Whilst he is best known for his unusual spacecraft, we have also his featured futuristic cars and bikes on The LEGO Car Blog. F@bz’s Citroen Epona runs on wheels made from 17 (front) and 16 (back) black minifig helmet visors, according to the Elves who counted them. We’ve no information as to the ride quality this gives but it definitely creates a distinctive style. Click on this link to F@bz’s Photostream to see more, including detailed shots of some of the clever connections used in its construction.

bike 02

Bionicle is Back! It Still Sucks.

New Lego Bionicle 2015

The LEGO Group is bringing Bionicle back for 2015! And here at The Lego Car Blog we could not be less enthusiastic about this fact. It’s safe to say we care as much about Bionicle MOCs as we do about Kim Kardashian’s Twitter feed. In other words, not at all. So here’s a classic Citroen instead!

Lego Citroen DS

Built by Flickr’s Massimo B it’s a late 1950s’ DS, complete with opening doors, bench seats and the famous single spoke steering wheel. You can see more of the French classic via the link above, where there is definitely no Bionicle.

Lego Citroen DS

Sacre Bleu!

Lego Citroen 2CV

Possibly the most stereotypically French scene ever created in Lego, Misterzumbi’s cornering Citroen 2CV is only missing a Gauloises cigarette in the hand of the driver and some parking dents on the bodywork. See more of the cheese eating surrender monkey and his voiture on Flickr.

Lego Citroen 2CV

French Dressing

Lego Technic Citroen 2CV

Brickshelf’s Nico71, a veteran of The Lego Car Blog, is back with a model a little more unusual than the Ferraris, and Lamborghinis that regularly grace these pages. His superb Citroen 2CV is a fully functioning Technic ‘Supercar’, featuring working suspension, engine, gearbox, steering, and much more besides. You can see the full gallery showing all the technical details on Brickshelf at the link above. Cheap and slow can be just as impressive!

Lego Technic Supercar Chassis

Hors Route

Lego Technic Power Functions BuggyNo, not a roadtrip by Snoop Dogg, but Google’s (incorrect) French for ‘Off Road’. This awesome Power Functions controlled Technic buggy is the work of Charbel, who has his own website showing how it’s built and with videos of it in action. His site is in French though, so if your grasp of the language is a bit merde you can check it out in English via the Eurobricks forum.


Citroen SMProbably the weirdest of all the weird Citroens was the SM, built during the 1970s when Citroen owned Maserati. Stephan Sander has used his most ’70s coloured bricks (well, maybe apart from brown) to build the French motoring icon in a wonderful LEGO Miniland look. See all the photos of the SM at Stephen’s page on MOCpages via the link above.

Baker’s Dozen

Lego 2CVsHenrik Hoexbroe has a snail problem. A tin snail problem. His MOCpage now has classic Citroen’s all over it, in every colour imaginable. See the 2CV Colony here.

And because it’s a Baker’s Dozen, we need a bonus Citroen to take the total to 13. Luckily MOCpages newcomer Henrik Jensen has recently uploaded a 2CV too. They’re e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e!

Lego Citroen 2CV Dolly

Front Wheel Drive Pioneer

Citroen Traction Avant

Before the French decided to monopolize crummy hatchbacks...

The Elves have been searching far and wide recently, but returned to one of their favourite haunts in order to bring back this; MOCpages user Nick Barrett’s Traction Avant; Citroen’s 1930s masterpiece. This was the first mass produced car to have front-wheel drive. And it had independent suspension. Americans are only just getting round to fitting these to their cars 75 years later.