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Topless Technic

Lego Sports Car RC

Nope, not your Mom’s promiscuous photos again – newcomer Chade is making his TLCB debut with his neat remote controlled convertible sports car. Like your Mom though, Chade can fit a lot in; underneath the compact bodywork are a Power Functions rechargeable battery, L-Motor, Servo Motor and IR receiver. There’s more to see on Eurobricks – click the link above for all the photos.

French Knickers

Lego peugeot 403

Peugeot have – at last – got their act together and started to make cars that we wouldn’t mind owning again. After the horrible 2000s (307 anyone?) we’d pretty much given up hope for the French brand, but currently things are looking up, and we wish them all the best.

We quite like Peugeot because, despite the awfulness of the last 15 years, they do actually have a back-catalogue of some rather desirable (and even reliable) cars. One such model was this; the pretty 403 cabriolet, one of the nicest topless models to come out of France since Brigitte Bardot. This Town-scale version was built by Flickr’s mijasper, and you can see more of it via the link above.

Picnic Basket

Lego Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet

Volkswagen’s Golf GTI is in its seventh generation now, and to date three of these iterations have spawned slightly strange looking convertible versions. This is the very first, the Mark 1 Golf Cabriolet, lovingly nick-named the ‘picnic basket’ due to its rather ugly roll-over hoop. Still, it stopped your head coming off in a crash, which was quite a novel concept three decades ago.

Newcomer REGIS Michel is the builder behind this chunky Model Team re-creation of the ’80s icon, and you can see more of his topless model on MOCpages here.

Liberty Belle

Lego Ferrari 458

Cor, check out this topless Italian model with her enhanced body! Now that we’ve messed with the search engines, here’s 1saac W‘s Liberty Walk Ferrari 458, hot on the heels of the larger version by Aaden H featured earlier in the week. This one was suggested by a reader, and you can see more on Flickr.

Topless Lady

Lego Rolls RoyceWe like messing with the internet. Firstly because The Lego Car Blog Elves roaming the world wide web are fantastically untidy, and secondly through titles such as this one. Add in ‘Kate Middleton’ and you’ve a got a hit success on your hands. So if you weren’t expecting to see a Lego model of a ’70s Rolls Royce Corniche by Dohoon Kim, our apologies. If you were, view it at MOCpages via the link.

A ’70s Topless Model…

MGB Lego

Rubber on the bottom, nothing on the top – let’s see the hits rack up!

Put simply, this is the best car we’ve seen all year. The Elf who found it would’ve got a hug if we could bring ourselves to. Still, we thought about it. Anyway, this absurdly brilliant creation is a ’70s MGB, and is as accurate in its Technical functions as it is aesthetically. View it on Nick Barrett’s MOCpage – it’ll be the best click you’ve made all year.

Gratuitous nakedity

Supercar Chassis

Naked chassis. Let’s see what these tags do to our hits!

Nathanael Kuipers shows us how tidy Lego’s studless building pieces can be with this brilliantly thought out supercar chassis. If ever you need a starting point for a Technic supercar, look no further.