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Naked Bike

Naked Bike

Brian Kescenovitz‘s tiny creation caught the tiny eyes and minds of our workforce because of its name. Indeed we’ve had to keep his original title for this blog post, just to satisfy a hoard of tittering and sniggering Elves. Brian’s motorcycle caught our eyes because it’s highly detailed, with some very novel parts usage and connections. Click this link to his Photostream and scroll down to see more of Brian’s tiny motorbikes.

Naked Ride

Lego Technic Motorcycle

Apologies if you’re a first time visitor and you were expecting to see something else. Anyhow, now that you’re here take a peek at this superb ‘naked motorcycle’ by Senpai Ragnarok.

Naked motorbikes are so called because many of their working parts are exposed, uncovered by the large plastic fenders that are usually fitted. Senpai’s Technic example uses this strategy to great effect, exposing a working in-line three cylinder engine, two-speed gearbox and front and rear suspension systems.

There’s more to see at Senpai’s Flickr photostream and via the Eurobricks forum – click the links to take a closer look.

Gratuitous nakedity

Supercar Chassis

Naked chassis. Let’s see what these tags do to our hits!

Nathanael Kuipers shows us how tidy Lego’s studless building pieces can be with this brilliantly thought out supercar chassis. If ever you need a starting point for a Technic supercar, look no further.