Bionicle is Back! It Still Sucks.

New Lego Bionicle 2015

The LEGO Group is bringing Bionicle back for 2015! And here at The Lego Car Blog we could not be less enthusiastic about this fact. It’s safe to say we care as much about Bionicle MOCs as we do about Kim Kardashian’s Twitter feed. In other words, not at all. So here’s a classic Citroen instead!

Lego Citroen DS

Built by Flickr’s Massimo B it’s a late 1950s’ DS, complete with opening doors, bench seats and the famous single spoke steering wheel. You can see more of the French classic via the link above, where there is definitely no Bionicle.

Lego Citroen DS

4 thoughts on “Bionicle is Back! It Still Sucks.

  1. A Lego a Day (@ALegoaDay)

    Totally agree. I have no interest what-so-ever in Bionicle. The only positive side to this is if Bionicle is indeed the money maker for LEGO that everyone seems to think it is. More profit leads to bigger and better things for the rest of us! Hopefully….


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