Lego Trains 10233 Horizon Express Preview

Lego 10233 Train

Horizon Express new for 2013

LEGO Trains just get better! After a few years of pretty poor efforts, LEGO’s recent Train offering have been a proper return to form, and 2013 looks to continue the winning streak. This is the new Horizon Express, LEGO’s latest high-speed passenger train to fit the Town/City theme, and it’s a real step-up from the all-in-one moulding of the last one.

With 1341 pieces the TGV-orange Horizon Express pushes the target age up to over 14, and includes some lovely SNOT detailing. It also features a complete interior with 6 mini-figures and some new printed pieces to boot. However, all this extra brickery comes at a cost: No motors are included. That said, this set is probably aimed at the sort of builder who already has a few motors lying around, or wouldn’t think too much of buying some extras in order to animate it.

The 80cm long Horizon Express will reach stores in 2013, costing around £80 / $120. Now will LEGO launch a new station to go with it?…

Lego 10233 Box

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