It’s Christmaaaas!

Lego Santa

Merry Christmas from The Lego Car Blog!

The festive holidays approacheth! As such we’ll be winding back our posts for a little bit. Each Elf that has returned to TLCB HQ over the last few weeks has been re-caged ready for re-release after Santa visits. Being Elves, they’re actually ‘happy’ to work over Christmas of course. However, we intend to spend the next two weeks being drunk*, so we won’t be able to process their finds. There are a few Elves yet to return though, so you can expect the odd post and review in the run up to the Christmas. In the meantime, thanks for your readership during 2012 and happy holidays!

Merry Christmas from all of The Lego Car Blog Team!

*The Lego Car Blog Team does not condone alcohol misuse. Unless you’re over 16/18/21/whatever the legal age is where you are. If you’re under said age; Alcohol is bad. Tasty tasty bad.

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