Start Saving…

We’ve had the first wave of Technic sets for 2013, and they’re pretty good; although I still say that F1 car looks messy…

The real goodies arrive in August; have a gander at this:

Lego Technic 42009 Crane

New for 2013: 42009 LEGO Technic Crane

It’s the 42009, Mobile Crane MkII, and has to be the most hotly anticipated Technic set since the Unimog. It’ll have over 2000 pieces and retail at around £150, according to the bush telegraph.

It seems to incorporate one power functions motor which can control any one of four functions via a gearbox. There’s a three piece extending boom, four steered axles and four linked stabilisers. All in all, a fitting follow up to the sainted 8421. Can’t wait.

As if that weren’t enough, feast your eyes on this:

Lego Technic 42008 Truck

New for 2013: 42008 LEGO Technic Recovery Truck

Set number 42008, a very green recovery truck that’s pretty impressive, if a size smaller than the crane. It’ll probably be around £100.

There goes the summer holiday…

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