Fiat’s Shoddy Off-cuts


Fast, Safe and Opulent. Wait, no, that’s not right.

FSO, Poland’s answer to Lada, did not make good cars. In fact, like Lada, they made bad cars out of the leftover bits of old Fiats. Bad cars that somehow they managed to sell to countries that really should’ve known better. Still, they’re now dead and gone, so in celebration (probably) Dohoon Kim has recreated one of their more numerous offerings, the simply dreadful Polonez 1500, in our beloved LEGO bricks. Despite the crapiness of the car, the model is rather lovely, and you can see more of it on both Flickr and MOCpages.

5 thoughts on “Fiat’s Shoddy Off-cuts

  1. Raphy

    Polonez: not a crappy car. They were manufactured in Poland and sold to the very richest there, because the other alternatives were the Fiat 125p and Fiat 126p. There was no “knowing better” when the Soviets were waving the Kalashnikovs around. The Polonezes are rear-drive and manual transmission which automatically makes them better than ninety percent of what’s on the road, anywhere.

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Raphy, thanks for stopping by.

      In Europe this makes them old-fashioned. Most cars are manuals (still), but FWD was replacing RWD by the mid ’70s to free up interior space and make cars safer.

      A handful of FSO’s were sold in the UK, the Netherlands and Italy. Countries that really really should have known better.

      TLCB Team

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