Lego Mobile Rocket Launcher

Better in every way

We’re quite proud of our play-on-words title for this post, as it’s a redux of a Classic Space set, and a rocket laun… Get it?…

Well the Elves thought it was funny.

That was a lie. We’re pretty sure they can’t read. Anyway, one of the Elves did find this lovely redesign of one of LEGO’s most loved Classic Space sets on Flickr. Improved in every way, MReizinho’s Rocket Launcher Redux is ready to introduce a whole new set of builders to the wonders of Classic Space. See more here.

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One thought on “Re-Launch

  1. tbzz2013 says:

    And again, I am full of praise. I love the old bricks. Space particular. More details more fun. Congrats!


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