The Lego Car Blog Advertising Update

Lego Times Square New York

Times Square Advertising courtesy of Sean Kenney

Today something new has appeared on The Lego Car Blog. You’ve probably noticed it underneath this post. Yes, we’ve become corporate sell-outs. WordPress (our landlords) are trialling something called WordAds and The Lego Car Blog, a little to our surprise, has been selected as a Beta tester for the programme.

What does this mean?

The Lego Car Blog will feature an advert, typically underneath the first post on each page, sourced via Google or another provider.

What are the benefits?

Potentially, as we grow, we could receive earnings to cover the cost of running the site. The first payment is made at $100. Despite our success, with just one ad on the blog this could take two years or more to reach.

What type of adverts will show?

This will depend on your search history among other factors. They will be mostly video based (and silent) using YouTube’s platform. So far all the adverts that we’ve seen have been for large reputable multinationals, including a car company, a well known photocopier manufacturer, a bank, a university, and a leading brand of toothpaste.

Do I have to do anything differently?

Nope. If the advert shown isn’t of interest you can continue using The Lego Car Blog as normal. If it is, and there was one featuring Beyonce that caught our eye, then click on it and you’ll be taken to the advertiser’s webpage.

How can I help support The Lego Car Blog?

We thought about running an ‘Adopt-an-Elf’ scheme, but you really don’t want to adopt one. However, you can support TLCB by Following us via the link at the bottom of this page, Linking to us if you have a MOCpages, Flickr or other LEGO-sharing account, and Sharing our stories around the web. We know lots and lots of you are doing this, so a big and heartfelt thank you from everyone here!

For more information on The Lego Car Blog’s partnership with WordAds please click here.


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