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Ad Trial Update

Back in March, after being approached by an advertising publishing platform, we began a trial that promised greater advertising revenue, more granularity, and the freedom to restrict ads that perhaps are less in-keeping with our morals than we’d like. So, two months on, how has it gone?

Er… well, none of the above promises actually materialised. The opposite in fact. Visitor numbers halved, advertising revenue dropped by more than that, and some boring yet quite invasive websitey stuff had to be handed over too.

So here endeth the trial, and we’re pleased to say that reverting back to our previous platform has restored our advertising revenue immediately (which we continue to give away to those who need it more than we do), and visits are on the way back up too. Phew.

So we’re back to where we started, which isn’t a bad place to be after all, but do let us know if anything negatively affects your user experience (and thank you to those that did get in touch with feedback during the trial).

The lesson here is perhaps to be happy with what you’ve got, and that sometimes (ironically!) marketing isn’t always entirely truthful. That said, if you could click on an ad or two…


Uh Oh – Ads!

On TV, at the cinema, in magazines, on radio, on billboards, in social media, on buses… advertisements are everywhere. Including this decaying back-alley in the corner of the internet.

Following this site’s one-and-only upgrade in a decade of operation two years ago, a greater degree of advertising has been permitted at The Lego Car Blog, with colourful boxes trying to sell you stuff appearing in the side bar, in-between posts, and between paragraphs.

As we don’t ask our readers for money nor receive any kind of endorsement or sponsorship from LEGO (and rightly so – they’re a reputable organisation), these ads are what keep the lights on at TLCB Towers, and they do a little good in providing revenue that we can give away too.

Amazingly, The Lego Car Blog’s success has meant we’ve appeared on the radar of an award-winning publishing platform, who have somehow not noticed our gross incompetence and instead focussed on the number of eyeballs (like yours) that this site receives.

Therefore we’re currently undergoing a trial with said publisher to explore additional advertising revenue, more tailored to our readers, and with far greater granularity. This will allow us to exclude advertising themes we’re not happy with (gambling, sexualised content, get-rich-quick schemes and so forth), although of course the ads that you see here at TLCB (like any site) are mostly based on what your search history reveals about you.

For a while this means you might see an increase in the number of adverts as the publisher optimises where and how they should appear. Please bear with us through this stage, and if you have any comments on your user experience here at The Lego Car Blog, do please let us know so we can feed this back.

If it all goes wrong we can revert back our previous (and more-than-adequate) advertising solution, whilst if it works you should see more targeted advertising that also generates us a greater revenue stream that we can do some good with : )

Thanks for visiting us


How Are the Ads?

Nine months ago our benevolent overlords here at The Lego Car Blog ceased support for our ancient site structure. This meant, after years of procrastination writing ‘Your Mom’ jokes and Googling pictures of Rachel Weisz, that we had to actually do some work. And that doesn’t come naturally to us.

Somehow the site remained functioning as we transferred it to its new structure, and – for the first time in TLCB’s history – we also broadened the advertising spaces beyond WordPress’s own platform.

This means – unless you have some fancy ad-blocker – that there will probably be an ad to the right of this text. Perhaps one above it. And maybe even one in the middle too.

These ads will vary depending upon where you live, the sites you’ve visited, and your demographic, and seem to encompass everything from clickbait ‘news’ to luxury cars, via toys, clothing, houses, holidays, tv subscriptions, and tech.

Of course the increase in the number of ads shown here is generating a corresponding increase in revenue, and is something we’ve stressed about doing for some time.

We know we’re very lucky to have a platform like this to a) write ‘inane blather‘ (our favourite comment from a disgruntled reader so far), and b) that such a privilege should ideally be used for good. And ‘Your Mom’ jokes.

Thus the advertising revenue brought in by the colourful boxes dotted around this site is donated to those who need it more than we do, so we really are keen for them to stay. But only if that’s OK with you, our readers.

So nine months in, if the ads are an issue, please let us know. If not, and – better yet – if they actually warrant your click occasionally, we’ll keep them going and continue to share what this crumby little corner of the internet miraculously generates with those in greater need.

Thanks for your time


What’s With All the Ads?

If you’re a regular reader of this dilapidated backwater of the internet you may have noticed some changes recently. Yes, after years of enhancing basically nothing about this site whatsoever, we’ve finally upgraded something!

We kinda had to actually, as our previous site structure had become unsupported many years ago, which we had solved by just ignoring it. Anyway, it was finally time to actually do some work and upgrade TLCB properly, which over the last few days we’ve done. Probably very badly.

No matter because the site does seem to be – somewhat miraculously – functioning as it should. However this upgrade did cost something, and thus we’ve decided (as we’ve been mooting for some years now) to permit a greater degree of advertising here at The Lego Car Blog.

This is to a) pay for our recent upgrade, and b) because we do feel some responsibility to maximise this platform for good causes, and thus we will continue to donate our profits to people and organisations who need them more than we do.

We hope the new ads aren’t too intrusive (and if you feel like clicking on them please do!), but if you have any problems or complaints, or you find something somewhere on the site has broken and we’re not paying attention, please do let us know in the usual ways.


A $1,000 Thank You

Lego Nurse

Some time ago WordPress, our landlords here at thelegocarblog.com, selected us as a pilot for their WordAds programme. Up until this selection TLCB was, in contrast to the proper Lego blogs, entirely advertisement free. Since then we have allowed the appearance of one or two advertisements per page (you can probably see one now, either above or below this post), managed through the WordAds programme.

These advertisements generate a small amount of revenue, and as we operate with an unpaid mythical-creature-based workforce our overheads are nice and low, even once we’ve paid for the Executive Washroom and Sauna.

This leaves us with a bit of a surplus, and because it’s a privilege to write for a million visitors a year, we don’t really feel like we need to keep it. And thus we owe all of you a huge thank you, because your visits, clicks and comments here at TLCB have – from one little ad – generated over $1,000 for good causes around the world so far.

The money raised through your visits has been used for projects as diverse as building essential facilities in India, children’s homes in Romania, the Syrian refugee crisis, the Red Cross, Unicef, and many more.

We’re mooting whether to restructure this site to allow a similar quantity of advertisements to show as the proper Lego blogs ($1,000 is great, but $20,000 would be better!), but we’re not sure about that yet. In the meantime, we’ll keep blogging, please keep clicking, and between us we can keep on doing a little bit of good : )


Show Me The Money!

Lego Treasure Chest

This time last year The Lego Car Blog was selected to join WordPress’s ‘WordAds’ programme. In short this means that we’re part of the corporate capitalist machine making money from the internet*.

The ads:

After one year of advertisements we thought it was only right to give you, our readers, the opportunity to feed back on whether these affect your user experience. Typically the advertisements on this site appear as a silent video underneath the first post, or as a bar on the bottom of each picture should you hover your mouse pointer over one. So far we’ve not seen anything unsavoury appear, although we have turned down offers from advertisers whose products haven’t fitted with our responsibility as a blogger of what is ultimately a children’s toy.

The revenue:

The revenue generated from the WordAds programme currently surpasses the costs of running this site (and TLCB executive washroom and sauna), although this is mostly because our labour is very cheap. This means that we are in a fortunate position of financial surplus, and we’d like to pass this on where we can.

Let’s do some good!

If you our readers are happy to see advertisements continuing to appear here on The Lego Car Blog we will continue to participate in the WordPress WordAds programme, and our aim is to donate the all of profits generated to suitable charitable causes (suggestions welcomed). This means that every time you visit us you’re doing a little bit of good in the world too! As always you can let us know what you think in the usual way, either by commenting on our posts or by visiting the Feedback Page.

Thank you for your continued readership and support,


*To the countless bloggers who spam TLCB with promises that with your (chargeable) help we can ‘get rich’ by internet blogging, you can go suck on it.

The Lego Car Blog Advertising Update

Lego Times Square New York

Times Square Advertising courtesy of Sean Kenney

Today something new has appeared on The Lego Car Blog. You’ve probably noticed it underneath this post. Yes, we’ve become corporate sell-outs. WordPress (our landlords) are trialling something called WordAds and The Lego Car Blog, a little to our surprise, has been selected as a Beta tester for the programme.

What does this mean?

The Lego Car Blog will feature an advert, typically underneath the first post on each page, sourced via Google or another provider.

What are the benefits?

Potentially, as we grow, we could receive earnings to cover the cost of running the site. The first payment is made at $100. Despite our success, with just one ad on the blog this could take two years or more to reach.

What type of adverts will show?

This will depend on your search history among other factors. They will be mostly video based (and silent) using YouTube’s platform. So far all the adverts that we’ve seen have been for large reputable multinationals, including a car company, a well known photocopier manufacturer, a bank, a university, and a leading brand of toothpaste.

Do I have to do anything differently?

Nope. If the advert shown isn’t of interest you can continue using The Lego Car Blog as normal. If it is, and there was one featuring Beyonce that caught our eye, then click on it and you’ll be taken to the advertiser’s webpage.

How can I help support The Lego Car Blog?

We thought about running an ‘Adopt-an-Elf’ scheme, but you really don’t want to adopt one. However, you can support TLCB by Following us via the link at the bottom of this page, Linking to us if you have a MOCpages, Flickr or other LEGO-sharing account, and Sharing our stories around the web. We know lots and lots of you are doing this, so a big and heartfelt thank you from everyone here!

For more information on The Lego Car Blog’s partnership with WordAds please click here.



Lego Racing Driver


We love our WordPress landlords. They’ve given us a robust, moderately flashy website that provides an attractive facade to hide the amatuerish incompetence going on behind the scenes in The Lego Car Blog office.

However, despite our love for the WordPress guys, we weren’t really fans of the ‘.wordpress’ in our domain name. So…. drumroll… now it’s gone!

The Lego Car Blog is now available at simply ‘thelegocarblog.com’, which makes far more sense. Fear not if you’ve linked to us using the old ‘.wordpress’ URL, these links will still work.

We’re also raking in sufficient hits for advertising potential. As we approach the 1/3 million views mark site advertising could become a possibility. Let us know what you think about this in the usual ways; via the Comments or the Feedback and Submission Suggestions page.

Thanks for your readership, whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or you’ve discovered us for the first time today. We’ll strive to continue bringing you the best Lego vehicles that the web has to offer.