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This time last year The Lego Car Blog was selected to join WordPress’s ‘WordAds’ programme. In short this means that we’re part of the corporate capitalist machine making money from the internet*.

The ads:

After one year of advertisements we thought it was only right to give you, our readers, the opportunity to feed back on whether these affect your user experience. Typically the advertisements on this site appear as a silent video underneath the first post, or as a bar on the bottom of each picture should you hover your mouse pointer over one. So far we’ve not seen anything unsavoury appear, although we have turned down offers from advertisers whose products haven’t fitted with our responsibility as a blogger of what is ultimately a children’s toy.

The revenue:

The revenue generated from the WordAds programme currently surpasses the costs of running this site (and TLCB executive washroom and sauna), although this is mostly because our labour is very cheap. This means that we are in a fortunate position of financial surplus, and we’d like to pass this on where we can.

Let’s do some good!

If you our readers are happy to see advertisements continuing to appear here on The Lego Car Blog we will continue to participate in the WordPress WordAds programme, and our aim is to donate the all of profits generated to suitable charitable causes (suggestions welcomed). This means that every time you visit us you’re doing a little bit of good in the world too! As always you can let us know what you think in the usual way, either by commenting on our posts or by visiting the Feedback Page.

Thank you for your continued readership and support,


*To the countless bloggers who spam TLCB with promises that with your (chargeable) help we can ‘get rich’ by internet blogging, you can go suck on it.

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