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Stop The Massacre

Lego Stop Sign

Occasionally here at TLCB we dip into current events – if the seriousness of these dictates. Sadly the ongoing bombardment of Gaza is one of these times.

Most of you reading TLCB today are visiting from America, and we know that for many of you Israel is an emotive and politically charged issue. However, we do think that as we’re relatively neutral, we might be able to be a little more balanced than Fox News Propaganda elects to be.

TLCB readers in need:

What has the Gaza conflict got to do with LEGO? Not much. However, we are a global blog with readers from all over the world, including (according to our stats) both Israel and the State of Palestine. This means that someone will be reading this – a LEGO fan just like you – who will today, maybe even right now, hear the sound of a Hamas missile launching, or will need to run for their life from an Israeli airstrike in the State of Palestine.

As of today 1,300 civilian Palestinians (hundreds of whom are children) have been killed by the Israeli bombardment of Gaza. Many more will lose their power, water, medical treatment or next meal due to the blockade on their city – in which they are trapped and cannot flee.

Your clicks help!

If you are reading this from either side of the the Gaza-Israel wall, our thoughts are with you. To our readers from around the world; please remember that on both sides of this conflict somewhere there will be a LEGO fan just like you.

To see if you can help please join us at The Red Cross, Christian Aid, or Oxfam (amongst many others), which is where the advertising revenue generated by your visit here will be donated. To find out more about our not-for-profit policy please click here.

Share the Goodness

Lego Nurse Mini-Figure

With one of the web’s best Lego Blogs currently undertaking a donation drive here at TLCB we thought we’d put our own request out to the awesome online Lego Community (that’s you guys!). Nope, we don’t want your money, but we’d love your shares, likes and subscriptions!

Here at The Lego Car Blog we’re a not-for-profit unbiased Lego blog. Our site administration costs are paid for by the limited advertising we allow to appear, whilst everything else generated is donated to good causes.

This means that every time you visit us you’re doing a bit of good. How neat is that! As we approach one million views we would like to ask you (if you like what you read here!) to help us to do more. The more views we receive, the more advertising revenue we earn, and the more we have to give!

You can help us help others in a number of easy ways;

  1. Subscribe to TLCB! This is free and allows you to receive alerts when new content is posted.
  2. Share TLCB! Either individual posts (by clicking on the Share options underneath each one), or by linking to us from your MOCpages, Flickr or other account. If you’re a group administrator you could also become a partner by adding a link to TLCB on your group’s homepage.
  3. Like TLCB! If you like what we post you can, er… ‘Like’ what we post! Just use the handy links underneath each article.

Easy huh? Make your good deed for the day a Lego deed – you’ll make us, TLCB Elves, and the charities we sponsor very happy : ) Thank you for your continued readership, we hope to bring you even more MOCs, News and Reviews throughout 2014.


Show Me The Money!

Lego Treasure Chest

This time last year The Lego Car Blog was selected to join WordPress’s ‘WordAds’ programme. In short this means that we’re part of the corporate capitalist machine making money from the internet*.

The ads:

After one year of advertisements we thought it was only right to give you, our readers, the opportunity to feed back on whether these affect your user experience. Typically the advertisements on this site appear as a silent video underneath the first post, or as a bar on the bottom of each picture should you hover your mouse pointer over one. So far we’ve not seen anything unsavoury appear, although we have turned down offers from advertisers whose products haven’t fitted with our responsibility as a blogger of what is ultimately a children’s toy.

The revenue:

The revenue generated from the WordAds programme currently surpasses the costs of running this site (and TLCB executive washroom and sauna), although this is mostly because our labour is very cheap. This means that we are in a fortunate position of financial surplus, and we’d like to pass this on where we can.

Let’s do some good!

If you our readers are happy to see advertisements continuing to appear here on The Lego Car Blog we will continue to participate in the WordPress WordAds programme, and our aim is to donate the all of profits generated to suitable charitable causes (suggestions welcomed). This means that every time you visit us you’re doing a little bit of good in the world too! As always you can let us know what you think in the usual way, either by commenting on our posts or by visiting the Feedback Page.

Thank you for your continued readership and support,


*To the countless bloggers who spam TLCB with promises that with your (chargeable) help we can ‘get rich’ by internet blogging, you can go suck on it.