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Lego Rifle

Very occasionally we dip into the news here at TLCB, because, well… we can.

TLCB office can sometimes be a violent place. Elven brutality is a relatively common occurrence, and we – TLCB staff – have been known to glorify violence in our posts.

But – however jokingly we refer to the aforementioned violence – our workforce is formed of fictional mythical creatures, so in reality TLCB Towers are as safe as your front room.

However, unlike many of you reading this, we’re also safe when we step outside, because there are no guns at all on the streets where we’re based. None. And you know what… people don’t get shot.

You can do something about the latest mass shooting in America. An Amendment is just that, an amendment, and thus it can be changed. Whether you’re for or against gun controls, use  your vote.


P.S. The NRA are dicks.

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Stop The Massacre

Lego Stop Sign

Occasionally here at TLCB we dip into current events – if the seriousness of these dictates. Sadly the ongoing bombardment of Gaza is one of these times.

Most of you reading TLCB today are visiting from America, and we know that for many of you Israel is an emotive and politically charged issue. However, we do think that as we’re relatively neutral, we might be able to be a little more balanced than Fox News Propaganda elects to be.

TLCB readers in need:

What has the Gaza conflict got to do with LEGO? Not much. However, we are a global blog with readers from all over the world, including (according to our stats) both Israel and the State of Palestine. This means that someone will be reading this – a LEGO fan just like you – who will today, maybe even right now, hear the sound of a Hamas missile launching, or will need to run for their life from an Israeli airstrike in the State of Palestine.

As of today 1,300 civilian Palestinians (hundreds of whom are children) have been killed by the Israeli bombardment of Gaza. Many more will lose their power, water, medical treatment or next meal due to the blockade on their city – in which they are trapped and cannot flee.

Your clicks help!

If you are reading this from either side of the the Gaza-Israel wall, our thoughts are with you. To our readers from around the world; please remember that on both sides of this conflict somewhere there will be a LEGO fan just like you.

To see if you can help please join us at The Red Cross, Christian Aid, or Oxfam (amongst many others), which is where the advertising revenue generated by your visit here will be donated. To find out more about our not-for-profit policy please click here.

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