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Very occasionally we dip into the news here at TLCB, because, well… we can.

TLCB office can sometimes be a violent place. Elven brutality is a relatively common occurrence, and we – TLCB staff – have been known to glorify violence in our posts.

But – however jokingly we refer to the aforementioned violence – our workforce is formed of fictional mythical creatures, so in reality TLCB Towers are as safe as your front room.

However, unlike many of you reading this, we’re also safe when we step outside, because there are no guns at all on the streets where we’re based. None. And you know what… people don’t get shot.

You can do something about the latest mass shooting in America. An Amendment is just that, an amendment, and thus it can be changed. Whether you’re for or against gun controls, use  your vote.


P.S. The NRA are dicks.

9 thoughts on “Enough

  1. Ian

    So let me see if I have my facts straight. I am assuming that you are talking about the school massacre that just occured where the murderer asked students their religion and then shot them if they were Christian, right? If so, then that school was a so called “gun free zone”, where there are laws preventing someone from taking a gun on the premises, and yet the murderer still took a gun on campus. If that law was ignored, then what difference is it going to make to change or remove the Second Amendment. If some sicko wants to shoot up a school then he can go and get one of the multitude of illegal guns brought over our un-secured borders every day. And if our borders were secured and some sicko couldn’t get a gun, what is to prevent him from using a machete or a hatchet to murder people in mass? And if those were banned, then how about a kitchen knife or a large stone?

    My point here is that firearms are no more the cause of violence than spoons are at fault for making people fat. It is also proven that gun violence goes down when you have an armed population, and goes up when you disarm the population.

    Your final comment that the “NRA are dicks”, is the unfounded parroting of progressive propaganda. There are 86 million firearm owners in America, 5 million of whom are NRA members, and last time I checked there are not 86 million firearm crimes committed each year. Or for that matter 5 million, so how is it that the NRA which consists of law abiding citizens are dicks?

    I used to respect this blog. And I really enjoyed my time viewing your blog.

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Ian

      Thanks for stopping by.

      You have every right to disagree with us, but of course we have every right to an opinion too.

      If this is such a profound issue for you that you will no longer visit us then thank you for your readership until now and all the best in your Lego building future : )

      Kind regards

      TLCB Team

      1. Ian

        I deeply respect the fact that you published my comment. I would have to be one conceited individual to believe that you do not have a right to your opinion, after expressing my own.

        Thank you, and goodbye.

        P.S. Please give a parting smarty to each of the elves for me.

        1. thelegocarblogger

          Hello Ian

          Thank you for your gracious reply.

          We might not agree with you on gun control, but the great thing about Lego builders is we represent all sorts of political positions and have a friendship in our common interest.

          You’re welcome back here any time : )

    2. Clayton Marchetti

      Well said Ian. The second amendment is not the problem. It’s the news media that relentlessly covers these matters and gives the reprobate the glory they seek. I’m not bashing the police, but all they can do is investigate and write up the report after the fact. I for one will not give up my right to defend myself and my family.

  2. october

    I am not sure if a lego blog should be posting about politics. It is a far more complex situation than can be summed up in a blog, let alone one about a hobby.

    I would much rather have us focus on the societal factors that cause violent outbursts, rather than just trying to ban or curb the ownership of the object used for the violence.

    For instance, (at least) 30 people were massacred in a single attack with knives in China last month.


    Should China ban knives? If they ban knives, do you believe that evil people will simply give up their evil desires, or will they move on to other materiel?

    There are also cars which are quite deadly and very available.

    My point is that rather than focus on the gun, or trying to ban the gun in the United States (a difficult and problematic task that will result in “civil” violence) we should, as a culture and community, be trying to understand what makes an individual want to kill as many people as possible.

    I have faith that the determined and psychopathic will find a way to hurt people, even in the absence of guns.

  3. Mister Hashtag

    I agree with you guys, but Ian brings up good points; most importantly, how an armed population is more benign relative to a disarmed one, in most cases. I also wholeheartedly agree with october; I don’t think that guns are necessarily the reason of violence, rather it is the people that buy them, and use them, which is why we have to control that aspect more so than the actual guns.

    Many of the people who have committed massacres should not have been able to buy guns in the first place; blame ignorance, blame the assumptions that even though someone seems OK to buy a weapon, you really have to follow regulations.

    So as to whether my vote goes for or against gun control, I say neither; I cast my vote (or would, if I could vote) towards educating the population, and seeking attention for those who may be inclined to commit such an atrocious act of violence. And you should too.

  4. twohorse602

    I confess to finding the notion of an armed population making things safer quite bewildering. I live among an entirely unarmed population and we haven’t descended into anarchy.


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