Per Ardua Ad Astra


The Lego Car Blog is often a loud and noisy place to work in, largely thanks to our Elfish workforce. It was therefore with some trepidation that we exited the executive express lift this morning and found the office in total, complete, peaceful silence. Rounding the corner of the reception area, we came across the sight of 3,284 Elves staring up in rapture at a strange glowing object, hovering above them. What was this strange apparition?

It turned out to be Alysa Kirkpatrick’s wonderfully original contribution to this year’s SHIPtember building month. Coming in at over 100 studs length in all direction, weighing over 17 pounds and comprised of over 20,000 parts, this has to be a SHIP in anybody’s book. Click this link to see Alysa’s WIP photos, which give an even better idea of the impressive scale of this build.

The calm in our office didn’t last for long and soon scuffles broke out over who had found the model and how many Smarties bonus such a giant creation was worth. Mr. Airhorn soon dispatched our fractious workers back into the internet, questing for more SHIPs for our SHIPtember summary, which we hope to publish soon.

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