Creations for Charity 2015

Creations for Charity

Creations for Charity 2015 is here!

Creations for Charity, the incredible annual fundraiser that provides thousands of LEGO toys to children in need, is now open for 2015! Some of the world’s best builders will be donating creations which will be placed for sale in the Creations for Charity online store. All of the money raised is then used to purchase Lego toys for children who would otherwise receive nothing this Christmas, and that is just awesome.

Get involved!

You can join this amazing initiative in a number of ways; by publicising Creations for Charity, donating a creation, or bidding on one of the awesome creations available in the auction. Donations open today – if you’d like to give away one of your creations that you think could raise money for children who have nothing then get in contact with the Creations for Charity team, they’d love to hear from you!

The Creations for Charity 2015 store opens on October the 15th, so check in regularly to see what’s available and get ready to bid!

Creations for Charity 2015

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One thought on “Creations for Charity 2015

  1. […] brilliant Creations for Charity 2015 is well underway, and this equally brilliant Donkey Kong racer by Flickr’s 6kyubi6 is now […]


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