Multi-Coloured Nonsense

Lego Rainbow MechDavid Alexander Smith couldn’t have picked a better time to upload his ‘Multi-Coloured Nonsense’. Because something amazing happened this week. The NBA’s Jason Collins came out as homosexual*. Which is possibly the bravest thing anyone in top level sport has ever done. And we can’t think of a better MOC of support than a giant rainbow-coloured robot.

No matter what your gender, race, sexuality or mental proficiency, LEGO is an intuitive universal joy. As such we feel on this occasion it’s worth TLCB showing our support.

*Link to CNN’s coverage of the story. Read the comments section with caution – many seem to have come from 1854.

2 thoughts on “Multi-Coloured Nonsense

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Thank you David. We don’t often delve into non-LEGO news events here at TLCB, but your robot was too beautifully timed to pass up.

      Especially as sadly not all of the online Lego-Community is as open to loving thy neighbour as it likes to think.

      We look forward to seeing more from you

      TLCB Team


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