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Monkeying Around in the Arctic

Tammo S.‘s colourful sci-fi hovercraft has run into some problems in the snow. Indeed snowflakes from the crash-landing still spatter its windscreen. Fortunately the pilot has found a nicely-shaped chunk of Lego ice floe to land on. He’s come prepared with a cooking stove and tools to fix the fault too. If he really gets stuck, he can always shelter in the well appointed cockpit that has been provided with lots to read and unusually, a potted plant.

Click here to see more details. Alternatively, as it’s sci-fi on The Lego Car Blog, click here for today’s tenuous link to British pop music.


Lego R2-D2 RainbowWe know this is a long way from being a car (although it does have wheels and, inexplicably, jet thrusters depending on which movie you’re watching), but it’s too delightful not to blog. Monsterbrick gives R2-D2 an Andy Warhol-esque ‘Art Car’ paint-job on Flickr.


Multi-Coloured Nonsense

Lego Rainbow MechDavid Alexander Smith couldn’t have picked a better time to upload his ‘Multi-Coloured Nonsense’. Because something amazing happened this week. The NBA’s Jason Collins came out as homosexual*. Which is possibly the bravest thing anyone in top level sport has ever done. And we can’t think of a better MOC of support than a giant rainbow-coloured robot.

No matter what your gender, race, sexuality or mental proficiency, LEGO is an intuitive universal joy. As such we feel on this occasion it’s worth TLCB showing our support.

*Link to CNN’s coverage of the story. Read the comments section with caution – many seem to have come from 1854.