A Grand Father Clock and a Basket of Eggs

Lego Citroen 2CVFriend of The Lego Car Blog, Nick Barrett, is back with – surprisingly – something he has built twice before. This glorious Citroen 2CV is his third version of the French Peoples’ Car. Each iteration has improved upon the last, and this latest incarnation is about as close to the real thing as you could hope to achieve in LEGO.

Underneath the wonderful two-tone pinstriped bodywork is one of the most thoroughly engineered chassis we’ve ever seen, complete with fully independent suspension, front wheel drive, ackerman steering, rear angled kingpins and sliding cardan joints. All of this means the suspension is as beautifully supple as that found on the real car – which was designed to carry a basket of eggs across a ploughed field without them breaking. Nick decided eggs are a bit too easy though, and opted for a grand father clock to demonstrate the Citroen’s remarkable suspension, and a quip about the 2CV’s performance stats. View what might be the car of the year at MOCpages.

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