Fast Fish

Proximan Shark 500w

In the days before the internet, inspiration for Lego sci-fi models was hard to find. Some people were lucky enough to stumble upon the Terran Trade Authority series of books in their local library. Last week we featured Mark Stafford’s version of Peter Elson’s “Trader to the Stars”.

Now, just when you thought it was safe to go back in your spaceship, comes Shannon Sproule’s Proximan K-13 Shark. Based on Angus McKie’s original artwork, Shannon’s build uses a variety of greebles, including a pair of snow shoes and a sausage, to re-create this alien classic. As this is The Lego Car Blog, we should point out that there’s a car wheel rim hidden in there too. Spot more greebles and enjoy the nostalgia on Shannon’s Flickr page.

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