Blog(s) of the Month – Thirdwigg and 1nxtmonster

Lego Technic Power FunctionsIt’s time for the welcome return of the Group/Blog of the Month segment here at The Lego Car Blog! By ‘Month’ we actually mean ‘However long it until we write another one of these’, but we’re mavericks, and follow no-one’s rules. Not even our own.

This time we’ve decided to publicise a pair of grass-roots blogs created by two of our readers, both of which share designs and expertise in LEGO’s superb Power Functions motor system. On the left is the latest Technic masterpiece by Thirdwigg; a remote control Cat 573C Feller. Thirdwigg’s blog includes an extensive back catalogue of his creations (some of which you may have seen blogged here) as well as help and detail on how the technical elements were achieved. On the right is a rock-crawler by TFOL 1nxtmonster, whose blog includes a variety of designs and videos showing what LEGO Power Functions vehicles can do.

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