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Sing When You’re Winning

Lego Porsche Singer 911

Most modifying houses that apply their, er… ‘expertise’ to vehicles, well… let’s be honest, they absolutely ruin them. Not so with Porsche resto-modders Singer, who take Stuttgart’s finest vehicles and re-fit their inner workings for the modern age. And they often somehow end up looking cooler too. This neatly built Singer 911 comes from previous ‘Featured TFOL‘ Marco. qm, and you can see the full gallery on Flickr via the link above.

Featured TFOL: Marco. QM

Lego Nissan Skyline GTR

You thought we’d forgotten about the ‘Featured TFOL’ (Teen Fan of Lego) feature didn’t you? Well you’re right. We had. But it’s back!

Here at The Lego Car Blog we have quite a strict criteria that must be met before a model is published. However occasionally we bend the rules just a little if a model is close, and if the builder is unlikely to have a billion bricks at their disposal. A Teen Fan of Lego for example.

Today’s featured builder is Marco. qm, who has been building cars for a little while. He’s also entered the recent Review My Set competition and suggested models himself via the Feedback and Submission Suggestions page. All of that is very nice, but it doesn’t earn a spot here. However, this does; his excellent Nissan Skyline GT-R R34.

Instantly recognisable, with opening doors, hood and trunk, and some interior and engine bay detailing too, it’s a model that’s worth a closer look. You can see more at Marco’s Flickr photostream, and you can discover all of our past Featured TFOL’s by clicking here.

Lego Nissan Skyline GTR

Fast and Fictional

Lego Car

We received a suggestion to our Feedback page last week, but it was TLCB Office Poker Night at the time and thus we were a bit pre-occupied. Fortunately the reader in question kindly accepted some unpaid writing work and joins us a Guest Blogger today. Over to Alexander Paschoaletto;

If you decide to build a real car in Lego form you’ll face the challenge of having to replicate all the lines according to the original vehicle, which may be something horrible if you’re bricking up a Fiat Uno, or insanely complicated if you’re building a Mazda Furai. However, if you decide to create your own ride instead, you’ll have a very different challenge on your hands. Considering, of course, that you’re trying to create something totally original without copying anything else.

Alex B is one of the few TFOLs out there who can easily meet both challenges with skill, and his latest effort does not fail to impress. His ‘Vortex Orca 4.0i’ features stunning detailing and such a clean look – it’s simple but great. In addition, he took some beautiful shots in a very professional way, which further adds to his positive points. Keep it up, Alex!

Thanks Alexander! You can see more of Alex B’s fictional coupe here, and more of Alexander’s own work on Flickr at the link above.


Lego Pagani Zonda R

We blogged Pagani’s latest hypercar here last week, but for now the brand is probably most famous for its first effort, the incredible Zonda. This model is the even more mental ‘R’ version, built by TLCB regular and previous Featured TFOL Alexander Paschoaletto. It was suggested to us by a reader and you can see more on MOCpages.

Blue Bull

Lego Lamborghini Murcielago SV

The Elves are bit grumpy today as the last two posts to appear here have been found by our readers. Still, hunger keeps them sharp. Anyway, this brilliantly blue Lamborghini Murcielago SV is the work of previous bloggee Alexander Paschoaletto and there’s a whole gallery of great images to view on MOCpages.

Bolt From The Blue

Lego Super Car

Another day, another Elf, and another car to bring you. This one is the work of previous bloggee Alexander Paschoaletto and it is quite fantastically blue. There’s more on MOCpages.

Own Brand Supercar

Lego Supercar

Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson seems to have taken a leaf out of the Elf Book of Mealtime Etiquette, by punching a colleague over dinner, and thus our workforce is pretty inconsolable right now. Inconsolable and violent, seeing as they tend to copy anything they see or hear about from television.

Thankfully the cancellation of BBC’s Top Gear has had less of an affect on our readers than it has on our Elves, and we have several suggestions from you to keep the posts coming. The first is this, by previous blogger and Featured TFOL Alexander Paschoaletto. It’s another ‘own brand’ supercar, following this effort that featured here last week, and it’s as good as any of the real-car-replicas that frequent these pages. Alexander’s design is available to view on both MOCpages and Flickr – click the links to see all the photos.

Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday

Lego Race Car

We don’t often feature ‘own brand’ cars here at TLCB, mostly because they almost always suck. This one however – discovered by one of our Elves on MOCpages – certainly doesn’t. It’s the work of previous bloggee Harry Gravett, who has designed his very own FIA GT-class racing car. And it looks positively epic*. You can click the link above to see more of Harry’s stunning creation on MOCpages and let him know what you think of his design.

*The ‘sponsorship’ on the spoiler helps quite a bit (nice job Harry!) Click the link above to see why!

I See You Baby…

Lego Alfa Romeo Brera

Is this the most difficult rear-end to make from Lego? Well apart from this one obviously. It’s the work of Alexander Paschoaletto, and you can see more of his Alfa Romeo Brera on MOCpages here.

Home Brew

Lego Supercar

We don’t often publish fictional cars here at TLCB, because most of them are…er, let’s just say ‘inadequate’. This one though, suggested to us via the Feedback page, is rather nice. It’s the work of Davanchi M and it features a variety of details including opening doors and a clamshell engine cover. But not steering, Davanchi’s faked that. Make it work for real next time please Davanchi! Anyway, you can see more of his ‘Apollo Legacy’ supercar on MOCpages via the link above.

Elf Wish

Lego Half Track Tank

This sci-fi armoured self-propelled gun isn’t our usual TLCB fodder, but the Elves made such a fuss it was safer for all concerned just to blog it. Blog newcomer Nathan Pownell is the builder, and you can see more of his creation on MOCpages here.

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

Lego Volvo Truck

This beautiful Volvo F88 dropside truck is the work of the fantastically talented Thomas Graafland. Thomas is – believe it or not – a Teen Fan Of Lego, but such is the quality of his building we didn’t feel he needed the ‘Featured TFOL’ accolade (but you can claim it if you like Thomas!).

Underneath the Volvo’s impeccable red and yellow bodywork is a 6-cylinder engine, working solid-axle suspension, working steering and a two-speed gearbox. Thomas has uploaded a superb gallery of images to both Flickr and MOCpages. View all the photos via the links, whilst we very generously give a lucky Elf both a red and yellow Smartie. And possibly diabetes.

Technic Volvo truck


Featured TFOL: Alex B

Lego Honda Civic

It’s back! The Lego Car Blog’s ‘Featured Teen Fan Of LEGO’ hasn’t appeared on these pages for a few months now because we, er… forgot about it. But good news! Today we resuscitated the dying beast and it’s awoken with a bang.

The Featured TFOL category is reserved for builders between the ages of 13 and 19 who, whilst they may not be the best on the net yet, show all the signs of becoming a top class builder as they progress. This TFOL-built creation though, qualified to be publicised here regardless of the age of the builder, because it’s ace.

Alex B has eschewed from building the usual super cars that frequent the Featured TFOL category and chosen to recreate something far more mundane; the humble late ’80s Honda Civic hatch. In Lego terms this actually makes his creation a rare exotic, as super cars outnumber family hatchbacks about ten to one.

Alex’s work features opening doors, hood and trunk and includes a detailed engine and interior. Photographed brilliantly, you can see full details of the Civic on both MOCpages or Flickr. Congratulations to Alex from TLCB Team, the Elves are watching!

Elf For a Day

Lego USS Missouri

Here at The Lego Car Blog we love to hear your feedback and your suggestions if our Elves have missed a creation worth posting. A little outside competition helps to keep them sharp too.

This post was suggested to us via the Feedback and Submission Suggestions page by one of our readers, and although it’s not a car we do occasionally blog other transport-related creations. It is in fact a 1/350 replica of the USS Missouri battleship that saw service in World War 2 and the Pacific, built by a previous ‘Featured TFOL (Teen Fan Of Lego)’ Achintya Prasad. See all the photos, and a video demonstrating the motorised rotating fore guns, on either MOCpages or Flickr.

If you’ve found a creation our Elves have missed and you think it should be here please visit our Submission Guidelines. Please note that self-requests are not encouraged.

Featured TFOL: Achintya Prasad

Lego USS ColeHere at The Lego Car Blog we occasionally like to feature creations by upcoming young builders which, whilst they might not be of the highest standard yet, sure look like they will be in the future. Suggested to us via the Feedback and Submission Suggestions page, Achintya Prasad becomes the latest teenage builder to feature here. His USS Cole ship above is just the start, as he’s built one much much bigger. See it and his other works on MOCpages, and if you’d like to see what other TFOLs are up to make sure you visit the TFOL World blog.