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Kirov Your Enemies Close

This is a Kirov-Class Cruiser, built between 1933 and 1944 for the Soviet Union and deployed on the Black Sea during the Second World War.

The largest ships operated by the Soviet Navy post the Russian Civil War, the Kirov-Class ships featured technology from a variety of nations, with the design being Italian, the radar systems American and British, the boilers British, and the aircraft catapults German.

All of which were countries that the Soviet Union was either at war with or directly hostile to during the time the Kirov-Class ships were in service. It’s a funny world.

This spectacular recreation of a Kirov-Class Cruiser comes from Kirill Simerzin of Flickr, who has replicated the real ship beautifully, from the Italian propeller on the bottom to the American radar systems at the top.

There’s more of the build to see at Kirill’s photostream – click the link above to keep your enemies close…

Cruising the Clouds

Of all the sub-themes the online Lego Community has taken on, sky-fi is the one that confuses us the most. Boats in the air, or even in space – where they don’t need to be aerodynamic let alone hydrodynamic – it all makes absolutely no sense. But does it need to, because a) Lego is escapism, and b) the theme generates creations that look as marvellous as this.

‘This’ is Sunder_59‘s ‘Air Battlecruiser’, and whilst we don’t know how it works, it is a properly wonderful build. Barely a stud is visible thanks to some brilliant ‘SNOT’ techniques, whilst a battery of guns and even an on-board micro-scale fighter plane add to the detail.

There’s more of Sunder’s magnificent creation to see at his photostream – head into the clouds via the link above.


Blam blam blam blam! You don’t frighten us, English pig-dogs! Go and boil your bottoms, sons of a silly person. I blow my nose at you, so-called Arthur-king, you and all your silly English knnnniggets!* Blam blam blam blam!

This French vs. British battle might not contain a car, but it’s about as good a scene as you’ll even find in Lego. Wesley of Flickr is the man behind it and there’s more to see at his photostream via the link above.

*If you have no idea what we’re on about…

On the Origin of Species

Lego HMS Beagle

This stunning photograph comes from James Pegrum, with his beautiful recreation of one the most important ships ever to sail.

The HMS Beagle was an unremarkable 10-gun Cherokee-class vessel that served with the Royal Navy and HM Customs and Excise from 1820 until it was scrapped half a century later in 1870.

Unremarkable apart from one detail. It carried a passenger working as a naturalist and geologist. His name; Charles Robert Darwin.

Sweet Home Alabama

Lego USS Alabama

Not really a car, but a good excuse for a Lynryd Skynryd song title. Lukasz Wiktorowicz’s US Navy battleship is one of the smoothest, cleanest and most perfect creations the Elves have found this year. The polar opposite of them in fact. See more on Flickr here.

Elf For a Day

Lego USS Missouri

Here at The Lego Car Blog we love to hear your feedback and your suggestions if our Elves have missed a creation worth posting. A little outside competition helps to keep them sharp too.

This post was suggested to us via the Feedback and Submission Suggestions page by one of our readers, and although it’s not a car we do occasionally blog other transport-related creations. It is in fact a 1/350 replica of the USS Missouri battleship that saw service in World War 2 and the Pacific, built by a previous ‘Featured TFOL (Teen Fan Of Lego)’ Achintya Prasad. See all the photos, and a video demonstrating the motorised rotating fore guns, on either MOCpages or Flickr.

If you’ve found a creation our Elves have missed and you think it should be here please visit our Submission Guidelines. Please note that self-requests are not encouraged.

Copper Bottom

HDMS Lougen

HDMS Lougen

This beautiful replica of the Norwegian/Danish Navy brig HDMS Lougen, designed and built by Anders T on MOCpages, is one of the finest Lego ships we’ve seen yet. Armed with 18 short guns and 6 long guns, the Lougen was formidably armed for a relatively small and nimble warship. It was also the first class serving in the Norwegian/Danish Navy to be constructed from a copper hull. Anders’ has created his Lego version in mini-figure scale, and it contains a breathtaking amount of detail. To see the full gallery click his name above.


HMS Warspite

A Super Dreadnaught, which is surely the best name for anything ever.

This is a World War 1 Super Dreadnaught class battleship, and it’s huge. Measuring 170 studs in length, and taking MOCpages’ Spencer D three years to complete, the HMS Warspite features spectacular detailing, down to a hanger containing a tiny reconnaissance plane, and a rather ingenious use of Power Functions motors. Click the link above to see them in action and a full gallery of photos.

Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

'Mogami' Japanese Light Cruiser

It’s been a while since an Elf returned to The Lego Car Blog HQ, but today a tired looking fellow arrived towing this behind him. But what is it you ask? Well, it’s not a car as you can see, but what it lacks in wheels it makes up for in guns. This is the WWII Japanese Light Cruiser ‘Mogami’, replicated perfectly in 1:125 scale. One of four similar ships built, the Mogami was over 600ft in length and armed with over 20 guns. Mark Rodrigues is the talent behind this 63 inch replica.