Copper Bottom

HDMS Lougen

HDMS Lougen

This beautiful replica of the Norwegian/Danish Navy brig HDMS Lougen, designed and built by Anders T on MOCpages, is one of the finest Lego ships we’ve seen yet. Armed with 18 short guns and 6 long guns, the Lougen was formidably armed for a relatively small and nimble warship. It was also the first class serving in the Norwegian/Danish Navy to be constructed from a copper hull. Anders’ has created his Lego version in mini-figure scale, and it contains a breathtaking amount of detail. To see the full gallery click his name above.

1 thought on “Copper Bottom

  1. Anders T

    Thanks, thats the second time I have a Moc on the lego car blog.
    And i havent’ even built a lego car yet!! 🙂


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