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Kirov Your Enemies Close

This is a Kirov-Class Cruiser, built between 1933 and 1944 for the Soviet Union and deployed on the Black Sea during the Second World War.

The largest ships operated by the Soviet Navy post the Russian Civil War, the Kirov-Class ships featured technology from a variety of nations, with the design being Italian, the radar systems American and British, the boilers British, and the aircraft catapults German.

All of which were countries that the Soviet Union was either at war with or directly hostile to during the time the Kirov-Class ships were in service. It’s a funny world.

This spectacular recreation of a Kirov-Class Cruiser comes from Kirill Simerzin of Flickr, who has replicated the real ship beautifully, from the Italian propeller on the bottom to the American radar systems at the top.

There’s more of the build to see at Kirill’s photostream – click the link above to keep your enemies close…

Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

'Mogami' Japanese Light Cruiser

It’s been a while since an Elf returned to The Lego Car Blog HQ, but today a tired looking fellow arrived towing this behind him. But what is it you ask? Well, it’s not a car as you can see, but what it lacks in wheels it makes up for in guns. This is the WWII Japanese Light Cruiser ‘Mogami’, replicated perfectly in 1:125 scale. One of four similar ships built, the Mogami was over 600ft in length and armed with over 20 guns. Mark Rodrigues is the talent behind this 63 inch replica.