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HMS Warspite

A Super Dreadnaught, which is surely the best name for anything ever.

This is a World War 1 Super Dreadnaught class battleship, and it’s huge. Measuring 170 studs in length, and taking MOCpages’ Spencer D three years to complete, the HMS Warspite features spectacular detailing, down to a hanger containing a tiny reconnaissance plane, and a rather ingenious use of Power Functions motors. Click the link above to see them in action and a full gallery of photos.

The Baron is Back

Red Baron Motorbike

From three wings to two wheels

The First World War ace Manfred von Richthofen, otherwise known as the Red Baron, died tragically young like most of those lost in the Great War. However, his aerobatic prowess and number of kills has granted him lasting infamy, and he’s now revered as something of a legend. Bricksonwheels continues the Baron’s story with his stunning ‘Red Baron’ Harley Davidson. Resplendent in the Baron’s famous colour scheme and markings, and with about £1m worth of chrome plated bricks, it might just be the best bike we’ve featured yet. See more at brickonwheels’ Flickr photostream.