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Meet the Fokker

Are three things better than two? Engines? Yes. Beer. Yes. Stool legs? Yes. Wings? Er… no, probably not. However, whilst the triplane idea was abandoned by 1920, it was a widespread aeronautical design before then, being used by pretty much every plane-building nation of the time.

Most notably triplanes were the mainstay of the German Air Force in the First World War, with aircraft such us this extravagantly painted Fokker Dr.1. used extensively (and successfully) throughout the conflict.

This superb small-scale recreation of the Fokker Dr.1 – made famous by the ‘Red Baron’ Manfred von Richthofen – comes form Flickr’s Henrik Jensen, and there’s more to see at Henrik’s ‘Fokker Dr.1’ album via the link above.

Little Fokker

Coincidentally the title of today’s post describes not only the creation within it but also the Elf that found it. This neat Fokker D1 tri-plane, made famous by Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen aka ‘The Red Baron’, comes from Jonas Obermaier of Flickr, who has done a rather excellent job of recreating probably the First World War’s most famous aircraft in mini-figure scale.

Credited with over eighty air-combat victories, the Red Baron himself was killed aged 25 in 1918 by a bullet to the chest, although he managed to successfully land his aircraft in a field in France before he died. The D1 didn’t last long though, being stripped by souvenir hunters. Jonas’s lovely model shows us how his Fokker fighter would have looked, and there’s more to see at his photostream via the link above.

The Red Baron Rides Again

Lego Red Baron

Daniel Siskind has recreated both sides of the aerial battle of World War One. Having featured his wonderful Sopwith Camel earlier in the month it was only right to include the Sopwith’s German counterpart. You can see more of Daniel’s brilliant Fokker Triplane – resplendent in Red Baron livery – at the link above.

Little Fokker

Lego Fokker Tri-plane

Flickr plane-builder mrutek is back, with a new model that’s Fokking good. See his World War I Fokker Tri-plane in Red Baron livery via the link above.

Harley Meet

Lego Harley Davidson MotorbikesNew photo, old MOCs. We’re stretching our own ‘Freshest MOCs on the Net’ rule a little with this, but if there’s any reason for a stretch this is it. BricksonWheels finally photographs all his Harley Davidson motorbikes together. See the shoot on Flickr, and read about how he creates his stunning creations in his interview here.

The Baron is Back

Red Baron Motorbike

From three wings to two wheels

The First World War ace Manfred von Richthofen, otherwise known as the Red Baron, died tragically young like most of those lost in the Great War. However, his aerobatic prowess and number of kills has granted him lasting infamy, and he’s now revered as something of a legend. Bricksonwheels continues the Baron’s story with his stunning ‘Red Baron’ Harley Davidson. Resplendent in the Baron’s famous colour scheme and markings, and with about £1m worth of chrome plated bricks, it might just be the best bike we’ve featured yet. See more at brickonwheels’ Flickr photostream.