Harley Meet

Lego Harley Davidson MotorbikesNew photo, old MOCs. We’re stretching our own ‘Freshest MOCs on the Net’ rule a little with this, but if there’s any reason for a stretch this is it. BricksonWheels finally photographs all his Harley Davidson motorbikes together. See the shoot on Flickr, and read about how he creates his stunning creations in his interview here.

6 thoughts on “Harley Meet

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello bricksonweheels

      Thanks for dropping in!

      Yes, it does seem to have slipped under the radar a bit. We did actually see your latest bike when you uploaded it, however unfortunately(?) we had a very busy week at that time and chose to post some creations by lesser-known builders. Hopefully this post rectifies the situation a little!


      TLCB Team

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  2. Samantha

    Hi! I love these piece! Do you by any chance sell the bikes you make, or have a list of pieces that you have used to build them? I am a young lady in school for construction management, and i build all the pre-made construction and towtruck lego sets. My dad however stumbled across this picture and sent it my way, knowing i like legos and thought it was a set that i could build for him. He is a huge Harley Davidson fanatic and cannot go a day without riding his. He has been getting sick over the past few years and sometimes thinks about selling his bike, but can never actually get rid of it. He has a glide like this one in grey, and used to have a dyna lowrider. After looking all day trying to figure out if there were plans i told him that i couldnt find any and he is now super upset. All id really like is for him to have one of these to hold on to, expecially for christmas, it would be the best surprise. If you could help me out it would be greatly appreicated! Im not into the contests and stuff so theres no worries there, i like construction sets anyways, but with all the spare parts i have laying around it would be great to see if i can make his day a little bit better and his spirits a little lighter while he is sick! Thank you so much! It is appreciated! -sam

  3. Dennis Glaasker

    Hello Sam,

    I am honored to hear you like my bikes. I get questions about selling models often, but I rarely do. There are also a lot of expensive custom chromed Lego parts in them which will make them expensive to sell, and don’t forget the difficulties to ship from Europe to for example USA in one piece. I regretfully never make instructions, so I cannot help you there.
    Wishing good health to your father, and the best to you,



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