Tooth Whitening

Lego Supercar Vampire GTWe fully expect to receive a lot of spam comments for home whitening kits following this title, but we couldn’t resist. Crowkillers’ spectacular Vampire GT Technic Supercar has undergone a colour change, swapping its previous midnight hue for something a whole lot more Apple. Normally this wouldn’t be worthy of another post, but when it looks this good we couldn’t let it go unnoticed. See more of the new Vampire on Brickshelf or at

And points to us today for keeping this post free from Michael Jackson jokes.

3 thoughts on “Tooth Whitening

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  2. RRSmith

    The lines on this car are amazing. I have built this in red and wanted to do it in black, but the flex axles are impossible to find. The white is just astonishing. This is the color that I am shooting for now. He should have built this body on crawler for the 41999 contest.

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello RRSmith

      Thanks for stopping by. We bet this looks fantastic in red!

      Perhaps the sleek lines would be spoiled somewhat by jacking it up on the 41999 Crawler chassis though.

      TLCB Team


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