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FREE Supercar Instructions!

Crowkillers Instructions Free

Designing and sharing creations is what the Lego Community is all about. ‘MOCing’ as it’s known is what makes LEGO the world’s best toy. There’s no trick to it; put a pile a bricks in front of a 3 year old (or a Lego Car Blog Elf) and they will instinctively and intuitively begin to build, although staff here don’t blog their own MOCs, as then you’d know who we are!

Besides MOCing however, many members of the Lego Community would love to build and own some of the amazing creations that have been designed by builders who don’t work for The Lego Group. Creations such as Crowkillers‘ Lamborghini Gallardo above and this incredible remote control Tow Truck by Dirk Klijn shown below.

Lego Tow Truck

Well now you can!

Dirk has made instructions for his spectacular creation available through crowkillers.com, where it’s joined by another 9 amazing models by Paul Boratko (aka Crowkillers), Nathanel Kuipers and Jennifer Clark. Pricing ranges from free to $15 and instructions come in the form of a PDF download.

Click here to see the full range of model instructions currently available.

Paul ‘Crowkillers’ Boratko has also very kindly accepted a visit by our Elves, who thrust a Master MOCers voice recorder under his nose.

Read Crowkillers’s story in the fourth instalment of TLCB’s Master MOCers series here.


Tooth Whitening

Lego Supercar Vampire GTWe fully expect to receive a lot of spam comments for home whitening kits following this title, but we couldn’t resist. Crowkillers’ spectacular Vampire GT Technic Supercar has undergone a colour change, swapping its previous midnight hue for something a whole lot more Apple. Normally this wouldn’t be worthy of another post, but when it looks this good we couldn’t let it go unnoticed. See more of the new Vampire on Brickshelf or at crowkillers.com.

And points to us today for keeping this post free from Michael Jackson jokes.


Own this car!

Like teen girls everywhere, we wish we had a Vampire. Crowkillers’ Technic Supercar, featured on The Lego Car Blog earlier in the year, is now on Lego Cuusoo. Vote for it and Lego may put it into production. The model will also be available shortly on eBay, with all proceeds going to the Make A Wish Foundation.