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It’s Quiet. Too Quiet…

Lego Set Review Library

The Lego Car Blog has been quieter than a Date Night at The Brothers Brick of late. We could blame the TLCB Elves of course (we normally do), but to be fair to them they do have a strict criteria to adhere to, particularly egregious failures of which are enforced by way of ejection from the building by the office catapult.

So whilst we wait for a blogworthy creation, there are a few places you can head to here at TLCB for your Lego car fix. And that continue to bring us advertising revenue to keep the Executive Washroom and Sauna operational…

The Review Library contains every LEGO set, movie, book, and third-party compatible product that we have ever reviewed.

There are over one hundred reviews in all, from classic Technic sets to the latest officially-licensed Creator products, and you can find them all via the link below.

Visit the Review Library here

Lego Microphone

The online Lego Community is a wonderfully varied place, where builders of all nationalities, ethnicities, and specialisms can create and share their brick-based talents. Here at The Lego Car Blog we love to showcase the very best vehicular models the community has to offer.

Occasionally this extends to the builders behind them too, so that you (and we) can learn from the masters.

TLCB Interviews Page contains dozens of interviews with the best Lego builders in the world, including those that have seen their models turned into official LEGO sets, become published authors, and even paid professional model-makers. Find out how they’ve done it via the link below.

Visit the Interviews Page here

Finally, if you’d like to find a particular LEGO set, vehicle brand or model, you can do just that via the ‘Looking for Something’ search function that is available on every page. Wondering if a Citroen Mehari, Trabant 601, Pontiac Aztek, or other automotive oddity has appeared here, then use the search function to navigate TLCB Archives! Cool cars are available too of course…

So there you have it, some stuff to do whilst we wait for a blogworthy build. Of course if you’d like to help us out you can suggestion a creation our Elves have missed via the Feedback or Contact Us pages. Make sure you take a look at the Submission Guidelines first to check eligibility, and drop us a note!

Suggest a Creation here


The Lego Car Blog is full of sports cars, supercars, and trucks. But for the braver builder, there’s a whole world of fantastically complicated machinery ripe for harvesting into Lego form.

Not many builders have the skills to take on the complex mechanisms found in agriculture, and as such farm equipment remains a relatively rare genre to appear here at The Lego Car Blog.

However one ridiculously-talented builder has managed it, and has appeared here with more superb brick-built pieces of agricultural equipment than probably all other builders put together.

Yes, Michał Skorupka (aka Eric Trax), whose fully operational replicas of real-world tractors, harvesters, balers, and manure spreaders have consistently wowed the entire team here at TLCB, has finally been recognised by our team of supercar-and-truck focussed writers, becoming the latest builder to be inducted into the Master MOCers Hall of Fame.

Eric Trax joins us as the eighth builder of Master MOCers Series 2, the nineteenth Master MOCer of all time, and the first to build a machine specifically for throwing poo.

Take a look at Eric’s story, find out his favourite LEGO piece, and learn who he’d have in the passenger seat of an Audi R8 via the link to his Master MOCers page below! Congratulations Eric, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Click here to read Eric Trax’s Master MOCers Interview

Surplus Photo!

Those of you with good memories may be familiar with today’s creation. It is of course the Army Surplus Special, one of the many Wacky Racers that fought it out for fame and glory in the 1968 Hanna-Barbera series. This wonderful homage to the Sergeant Blast and Private Meekley’s cartoon chariot first appeared here back in 2016, and builder Redfern1950s has recently re-photographed it for us thanks to the threat of a TLCB Elf armed with a sharpened pencil.

No, seriously, whilst Elves armed with pencils are a very real threat here in The Lego Car Blog office, Redfern has actually re-photographed his Surplus Six as he’s become the seventeenth elite builder to join the TLCB Master MOCer Hall of Fame!

You can read Redfern’s brilliant Lego-building journey via the link below, where a host of his other magnificent vehicles feature, and learn how he turns cartoons and caricatures into brick-built masterpieces!

Master MOCers, Series 2, Episode 6,


That Stance Tho

Lego Technic Remote Control Stanced Car

Let’s be clear about this. ‘Stancing’ cars ruins them. It ruins the way they ride, the way they corner, tyre wear, fuel consumption…

The Elves however, having tiny brains similar to that of your average bro, love stanced cars, and thus there’d have been a mass Elven sulk if we didn’t feature this one. Fortunately we can, as whilst the subject matter is questionable the build itself is most excellent, and the builder is something of a legend too.

Lego Technic RC Car Stanced

Powered by LEGO’s Power Functions system and controlled via bluetooth via the 5-star-rated SBrick, Mahjqa’s ‘SUP BRO’ stanced tuner runs a 22.5 degree camber on its remote control chassis. Despite this obvious handicap it still looks proper fun to pilot around an empty car park – take a look via the video below!

 YouTube Video

There’s more to see of Mahjqa’s latest build via both Flickr and the Eurobricks discussion forum, plus we’re delighted to reveal that Mahjqa has become the latest builder to be awarded Master MOCer status here at The Lego Car Blog!

Joining fourteen other of the world’s very best Lego builders, Mahjqa tells us his inspiration, reveals what sort of LEGO brick he would be, and explains how he creates his amazing models. Read his Master MOCers interview below!

Master MOCers Season 2, Episode 4


Become a Lego Professional!

Lego Brick Built Cars Book

The single most frequently asked question we receive here at TLCB Towers is ‘How do I build this model?’. We receive queries like these in the hundreds, and – despite our urge to scream ‘enough!’ and run out of the building brandishing whatever office implement is nearest – we offer a continuous stream of polite replies explaining that the models we feature are not official LEGO sets and thus instructions are not available.

Well, finally, we have a generic answer that may actually be helpful!

Legendary (and prolific) vehicle builder Peter Blackert (aka LEGO911) has appeared here at The Lego Car Blog numerous times, and is therefore probably responsible for generating some of the ‘How do I build this model?’ comments himself.

Now, after years building stunningly realistic vehicles numbering in the hundreds, Peter has published a book containing full-colour illustrations and step-by-step instructions for many of his models!

Vehicles such as the 1932 Ford V-8 Roadster (pictured above), Datsun 240Z, 2016 Le Mans Ford racer, Ferrari 250 GT California, Jaguar E-Type coupe and convertible, Ford F150 Raptor, Bugatti Veyron, Porsche 911 and many more are all featured, allowing you to build and modify these for yourself using your own bricks!

We’ll be bringing you a review of Peter’s book ‘How to Build Brick Cars’ in due course, but until then how did Peter go from uploading his Lego creations online to having a book published and available for sale all over the world? Find out as Peter joins us as the fourth builder in our ‘Become a Lego Professional‘ series – click the link below to read his story.

Click here to read How Peter Blackert became a published Lego author!

Retro Racing Replicas

Lego Ferrari F189 RoscoPC

TLCB Master MOCers Hall of Fame is the place to find the world’s very best Lego vehicle builders. Fame, glory, and an imaginary trophy await those that make it into the Lego Community’s most exclusive club, and today we recognise the fourteenth builder to enter, joining such legends as Firas Abu Jaber, Sariel, Crowkillers and more.

Luca Rusconi aka RoscoPC has appeared here several times in recent months, as he continues to upload his incredible garage of beautiful historic Formula 1 cars to the photo-sharing platform Flickr.

Lego RoscoPC

With new cars in the works, two of which we can exclusively reveal here before their upload (the iconic Ferrari F189 above and the wonderful Renault RS10 below), now seems like the perfect time for Luca to share his Lego story.

Find out how it all started, and how he creates the stunning racing replicas you see here by reading his Master MOCers interview via the link below.

Master MOCers Series 2, Episode 3

Luca Rusconi 

Lego Renault RS10

From Flickr to Stores…

Lego Caterham Seven Set

Master MOCers is back!… And Episode 2 is blurring the lines between itself and the Become a Pro series more than ever before. Today’s interviewee could well fit into either category, but as recipients of the Master MOCers award are rumoured to receive a priceless trophy, he thought this series best.

Carl Greatrix has appeared here several times over the years, most recently with the evolution of his stunning Caterham Seven model. Thanks to the LEGO Ideas platform that model has now become a real LEGO set, officially licensed by Caterham themselves, and is available to buy today! From the pages of Flickr to the shelves of stores, Carl has made his Lego dream happen. Find out how via the link below…

Master MOCers, Series 2, Episode 2

Carl Greatrix

Hello TLCB Readers! My name is Carl Greatrix, I’m a member of the Brickish Association (U.K. LUG), I’m also the Senior LEGO Model Designer for TT Games / Warner Bros (for the official LEGO video games), and I now have my own LEGO Ideas set produced, the Caterham Seven 620R – 21307. Continue reading…

Lego Caterham Seven Set

Master MOCers is Back!

Lego Norton74

That’s right! The Master MOCers Series has awoken like a bear from hibernation, and it’s ready to raid your bins and steal your picnic! There are new questions, more pictures, and apparently there’s even a trophy.

We kick-off Series 2 with one of the finest vehicle and diorama builders anywhere in the world, the brilliant Andrea Lattanzio aka Norton74!

Click on the giant link below to read Andrea’s Lego-building story, who he’d like to ride in the passenger seat of a classic Porsche, and why he’s a 6×6 tile…

Master MOCers, Series 2, Episode 1


Hello TLCB Readers! My name is Andrea Lattanzio but in the international LEGO community I’m also known as Norton74. Why Norton? Besides my passion for LEGO bricks I’ve always been involved in vintage car and motorcycle issues and I have always been fascinated by the style of Norton motorcycles. Why 74? It’s quite easy to guess…

I’m Italian and I live in Milan with my Spanish wife and two children. I work in the communication department of an Italian non profit organisation. I’m of course a petrolhead and I like especially classic cars, motorcycles and in general vintage stuff and style. In 1995 I founded – with one of my best friends Mauro Zambetta – Officina Super Sprint, a little garage specialized in classic scooter restoration... Continue Reading…

Master MOCers Returns!

Lego Microphone

We receive thousands of reader questions and comments here at TLCB Towers. Amongst the most frequent, alongside regulars such as “Can I have instructions?” (probably not), “Can you feature my creation?” (not if you ask), “That joke was offensive” (it probably was), and “I can help you to optimise your search engine performance for just a small one-off fee” (go and get a real job), is this one; “When will you bring back the Master MOCers Series?”.

Well good news! After much deliberation, by which we mean a drunken argument down the pub, it has been decided that the Master MOCers Series will return for a second season! We’ll being you more details in due course, and until then you can revisit the builders interviewed in Series 1 by clicking here.


This is Spinal Tap

Firas Abu Jaber Lego

TLCB has reached one and half million views, and in celebration we’re going all Spinal Tap! Yes, we’re cranking our previously-deceased Master MOCers Series up to eleven.

And who better to be that No. 11 than probably the most famous LEGO vehicle builder in the world, the brilliant Mr. Firas Abu-Jaber.

Read Firas Abu-Jaber’s Master MOCers Interview here!

Smell the Glove.


1.5 Million!

Lego Mini-FiguresA lot of rubbish things have happened over the last few months; the Charlie Hebdo attack, the cancellation of Top Gear due to a fight over a steak, and the arrival of ‘that bloody Lemur‘ (as it’s collectively known in TLCB office) at The Brothers Brick, a creature that generates such violent hate amongst our Elves that it’s difficult to keep them from storming TBB compound.

As years go then, 2015 has had a pretty rough ride so far, but thanks entirely to you guys TLCB has bucked this depressing trend brilliantly. For reasons we simply can’t fathom this ropey brick-based car blog has racked up another half a million views in the few short months since the one million mark was reached at the end of last year, taking the total to;


In celebration we’ve decided to bring back a feature that we parked a little while ago, with an eleventh addition to TLCB’s Master MOCers series. He’s probably the most well known, well loved, and inspirational Lego vehicle builder on the planet – join us tomorrow to find out more!

Become a Lego Professional!

Lego Bright Bricks

It’s Easter weekend and TLCB Team are much too full of chocolate eggs to blog. Luckily for us we’ve been joined by a special guest to keep the content coming. Yup, it’s No.3 in our How to Become a Lego Professional series!

Not put off by his first encounter with TLCB Elves, Nick Barrett joined us here at TLCB Towers for a second time to tell the next chapter of his incredible Lego-building journey.

Since his last visit as a Master MOCer Nick has been hired by the Certified LEGO Professional building company Bright Bricks and is now earning a living through his building. How did he do it? Click the link below to find out!

Click here to read Nick Barrett’s Bright Bricks Story…

Become a Lego Professional!

Nathanael Kuipers Lego

It’s No.2 in the ‘How to Become a Lego Professional‘ interview series, and we’ve got an actual LEGO set designer (and published author) to join us! You can’t get more ‘Pro’ than that.

Nathanael Kruipers aka NKubate has designed several recent LEGO Technic sets that you may own at home! So what does he think is most important in the Lego Community? Click below to read his thoughts.

Click here to read Nathanael’s advice for aspiring builders…

Become a Lego Professional!

Sariel Lego

That’s not a Lego car we hear you cry! You’re right, it isn’t. It is in fact a mugshot of the Technic building extraordinaire – and now published Lego author – Paul ‘Sariel’ Kmiec.

We know that many Lego builders dream of taking their love of Lego into a paid career, and the great news is that several builders just like you have done it – and we’re going to talk to them about how!

We’re delighted to announce that Sariel has joined us here at TLCB for the first story in our ‘How To Become a Lego Professional‘ series, so grab a drink, get comfortable, and read about how Sariel went from a causal builder to a published Lego author…

Click this link to read Sariel’s story…

TLCB Interview Update

Lego Microphone

As eluded to a few weeks ago, and after much reader-demand, we have dusted off TLCB’s interview microphone in order for it to be thrust in front of some new famous-types!

We can reveal that this new round of interviews will focus on those who have taken their Lego-building hobby into a paid career, and may include such professionals as official LEGO Company designers, certified Lego model-making companies, and Lego authors.

We hope you’re as excited about this as we are, especially as some of those we’re due to interview have started their Lego careers long after finishing their education – and we’re going to tell you how!

Stay tuned!…