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That Stance Tho

Lego Technic Remote Control Stanced Car

Let’s be clear about this. ‘Stancing’ cars ruins them. It ruins the way they ride, the way they corner, tyre wear, fuel consumption…

The Elves however, having tiny brains similar to that of your average bro, love stanced cars, and thus there’d have been a mass Elven sulk if we didn’t feature this one. Fortunately we can, as whilst the subject matter is questionable the build itself is most excellent, and the builder is something of a legend too.

Lego Technic RC Car Stanced

Powered by LEGO’s Power Functions system and controlled via bluetooth via the 5-star-rated SBrick, Mahjqa’s ‘SUP BRO’ stanced tuner runs a 22.5 degree camber on its remote control chassis. Despite this obvious handicap it still looks proper fun to pilot around an empty car park – take a look via the video below!

 YouTube Video

There’s more to see of Mahjqa’s latest build via both Flickr and the Eurobricks discussion forum, plus we’re delighted to reveal that Mahjqa has become the latest builder to be awarded Master MOCer status here at The Lego Car Blog!

Joining fourteen other of the world’s very best Lego builders, Mahjqa tells us his inspiration, reveals what sort of LEGO brick he would be, and explains how he creates his amazing models. Read his Master MOCers interview below!

Master MOCers Season 2, Episode 4


Land Cruiser

Lego Remote Control Land Carrier

But not the usual kind. This is a Khagaan Land Carrier, a vehicle from deep within the mind of Lego-engineering genius Mahjqa, and it is, just like your Mom, ludicrously massive. Constructed from an estimated 25,000 parts, measuring well over a meter long, and weighing 9kg, Mahjqa’s creation was a truly huge undertaking, requiring three months to reach completion and a further two for each of the remote controlled vehicles on the deck.

The whole rig is itself remote controlled, driven by four powered caterpillar tracks mounted on rotating bogies, and is also fitted with a remotely operable crane, full LED lighting, plus a powered lift to enable the vehicles carried by the Khagaan to ascend and descend between the carrier deck and the ground beneath it.

Lego Remote Control Land Carrier

There’s a whole lot more to see of Mahjqa’s incredible build at both Flickr and the Eurobricks discussion forum, but the only way to really appreciate the scale and engineering complexity of this remarkable machine is to watch in action.

Fortunately Mahjqa is one of the most talented Lego movie-makers in the business, and he’s produced a genuinely exceptional video showcasing the Khagaan and its support vehicles, plus some behind-the-scenes footage of how the amazing shoot was put together.

Click the links above to join the discussion on Eurobricks and to see the Khagaan’s full image gallery on Flickr, but don’t leave this page without watching the video below first…

YouTube Video

Forking Brilliant

Lego Technic RC Forklift

We like the unsung heroes of the automotive world here at TLCB. These are the vehicles without which daily life would grind to a halt, but which spend their days unseen and unappreciated, working around the clock to keep the wheels of society turning. The greatest of these is perhaps the forklift, and Flickr’s Mahjqa has decided to give this humble automotive ant its time in the sun.

Lego Remote Control Technic Forklift

This is his ‘Muravi’ forklift, and it is – and we’re not overstating this – probably the best piece of Lego engineering that you will have seen this year. Brilliantly packaged within it are remotely controlled drive, rear-steer, and forklift raising, lowering and tilting mechanisms, all of which are operable via a bluetooth  device courtesy of the neat third-party SBrick.

Lego Remote Control Forklift SBrick

Mahjqa’s system works as beautifully and flawlessly as any real forklift, and to demonstrate its abilities Mahjqa has created a simply enthralling video of his creation at work. It’s one of the the coolest Lego videos we’ve ever seen, and it’s making us think very carefully about whether we need Elves to work in TLCB Archives when a couple of these will do the job so much more efficiently. And without any fights.

There’s lots more to see at Mahjqa’s Flickr photostream, and you can watch the Muravi forklift in action via the superb video below.

YouTube Video:

80th Birthday Extravaganza!

How old is Lego?

Last week LEGO celebrated their 80th Birthday, and so, slightly late, The Lego Car Blog Team are delighted to bring you…

The Lego Car Blog 80th Birthday Extravaganza!

Some have described it as a marginally elongated post shamelessly linked to LEGO’s Birthday celebrations in order to increase hits. And they’d be right. So without further ado, we bring you Act One.

Act One: A very special Birthday needs a very special MOC, and the Elves have found just the thing. This incredible creation is Mahjqa’s Bat Wing, pictured alongside his equally incredible Tumbler, and as featured in the Batman finale, The Dark Knight Rises.

Lego Tumbler

The Dark Knight Rises

As always, Mahjqa’s work is stuffed full of witchcraft and wizardry which can only really be explained in a video. Fortunately he’s made one, and it might just be the Lego video of the year. Prepare to pick your jaws up…

If you’d like to see more you can visit Mahjqa’s Flickr photostream for the full gallery, as well as an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the video was made.

Act Two: Hitachi, best known as a manufacturer of soulless reasonably priced TVs and DVD players, also do a line of, er…  slightly bigger products. This is one of them; their monstrous ZW 310 earthmover.

Hitachi Earthmover

My other car is a TV

Dfs473 has recreated the 22 tonne wheel-loader in Technic, including its complete array of movements via Power Functions remote control. To see the MOC in detail, including close-up shots of the mechanicals, swing by Dfs’s Flickr page at the aforementioned link.

Act Three: And finally; as The LEGO Group turns 80 years old, we take a look back to their humble beginnings in a carpenter’s shed in Billund. The story of LEGO’s formation is one of hard work, tragedy, perseverance, and one little idea that changed the way children would play forever. LEGO commissioned a film to bring their story to life, and we’re delighted to share this with you today:

Happy 80th Birthday LEGO, and here’s to the next 80 years!

7000 to go…

3000 supporters

Support at LEGO Cuusoo

Mahjqa’s incredible walking, rolling, driving, Tachikoma (featured on The Lego Car Blog in March) has been entered onto LEGO Cuusoo. This site allows users to upload ideas, which if successful could be made into real Lego sets. Mahjqa has reached a superb 3,000 supporters already.

So if you’d like to buy Tachikoma, click here and support it on Cuusoo – your vote could mean you get your very own version to drive around the kitchen floor.

Still not convinced? Then check this out…

Ghost in the shell

Ghost in the shell

They see me rollin'

Mahjqa is back, with perhaps his best creation yet. ‘Tachikoma’ drives, walks, swivels and does many other things our vocabulary is insufficiently broad to describe.

The only way to really understand it is to see it in action. Luckily Mahjqa is a brilliant video editor as well as Technic builder…

YouTube Video:


Girl’s Tank

To the Mall!

Just the thing for picking up some new shoes, or crushing the car of a sexist blogger, Mahjqa has built a tank for girls. Check it out on Flickr.

YouTube Video: