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House Spider

Lego Tachikoma

We rather like house spiders. They eat flies and other pests and are a rather elegant design in their own way. Sadly we’re probably in the minority by safely capturing them and releasing them outside TLCB Towers, as most people tend to prefer smushing them. This one would be harder to smush though, and it’s even more useful than its arachnid counterpart. Over to the blurb from the brochure;

“The Yogamabara Mechanization M-400 Multi-Purpose Shell is a commonly used type of shell. It’s very fast and agile. It gives the host AI the ability to follow its client around any ground based environment and has a full range of standard tools, like laser cutter, hydro spanners and standard data sockets to name a few. Its animal-like form gives it personality and this has made Yogamabara one of the biggest manufacturers of Personal AI Shells.”

You can place your order for a new M-400 courtesy of Oscar Cederwall on Flickr. Or alternatively you get get a really big glass and a piece of paper, capture it and release it outside. You know it’s the right thing to do.


Lego Tachikoma Winter MoonIf Apple made futuristic tanks, they’d probably look like this. mondayn00dle‘s remarkably clean ‘Winter Moon’ Tachikoma can be found on Flickr, along with a link to the epic artwork by ‘FlyingDebris’ that inspired it.

7000 to go…

3000 supporters

Support at LEGO Cuusoo

Mahjqa’s incredible walking, rolling, driving, Tachikoma (featured on The Lego Car Blog in March) has been entered onto LEGO Cuusoo. This site allows users to upload ideas, which if successful could be made into real Lego sets. Mahjqa has reached a superb 3,000 supporters already.

So if you’d like to buy Tachikoma, click here and support it on Cuusoo – your vote could mean you get your very own version to drive around the kitchen floor.

Still not convinced? Then check this out…

Ghost in the shell

Ghost in the shell

They see me rollin'

Mahjqa is back, with perhaps his best creation yet. ‘Tachikoma’ drives, walks, swivels and does many other things our vocabulary is insufficiently broad to describe.

The only way to really understand it is to see it in action. Luckily Mahjqa is a brilliant video editor as well as Technic builder…

YouTube Video: